Hunger Games Spoiler Talk

This is a place where we can openly talk about the great book Hunger Games.  This is for people who have already read the book and we can share the great moments of the book without worrying that it would spoil it for someone else.

REMEMBER!  Hunger Games talk only.  I am still reading Catching Fire and don’t want to hear about it or do others who havent finished it either.

Thanks – enjoy!

I just want to start by saying this is such an incredible read.  I really thought I would have a hard time with the killings but Suzanne actually writes them so well into the novel that they are not as horrible as I thought they would be.  I hope that makes sense.

I loved Rue and I was sad to see her die…. I had hoped there would be a way to save her yet, this part of the book, this particular death is an important one.  I think it shows us how to handle loss int he book with characters that are sweet and loving… I mean, my gosh – she was 12!

I love that the book is well thought out by the author that she ends leaving us hanging but she knows exactly where she is going.  I was so thankful to have Catching Fire on hand so I could start it right away!

How about you?  Any thoughts on this book?  Parts that really hit you?  What about Peeta?  Katniss?  I have more to say but am running out the door to go see New Moon so will be back later to see your thoughts and I will be responding.  Lets make this topic rock!  🙂

71 thoughts on “Hunger Games Spoiler Talk

  1. I wish I would have had Catching Fire on hand to read right after I finished Hunger Games! 🙂 Just wait until you finish Catching Fire – I thought it was just as good, and I hope you do too. I can’t wait for the next book!

    1. i know what you mean. i was SO impatient waiting for CF. and know i can hardly wait for MJ. i’m so excited!!

  2. I couldnt sleep threw the night i kept thinking while i was reading what if that was me in the arena would I kill to survive? the whole thought weirded me out

  3. I loved Rue as well and I cried when I read that part. 😦 And as for Katniss, she’s great and extremly (<– lolz i cant spell) relatable! Now, Peeta, he makes me go 'GRR PEETA!' I know he's sweet and stuff, but I love Gale and through the whole book I was like, 'WHAT ABOUT GALE?!!? GALE IS SO FREAKIN' BEASTLY YOU CAN'T FORGET HIM!' and in the end I think it will be Gale. Lol anyway, who else cant wait for book 3?!?! I hate waiting! lolz

    1. Nicole I think it will be Gale too. I figure the author is not going to make us choose – instead Peeta will die loving ad saving Gale, but in the end = Gale will be the guy.

    2. I just started the book, and so far I LOVE IT! and exactly, i hear Katniss will fall for peeta but what about Gale?? him and Katniss have been friends for 4 years! what ever happens to him ???????????? cant wait to finish Hunger Games and find out!

    3. When Rue died I was sad as well! I knew that eventually she would have to since at least Katniss (and Peeta as well) HAD to come out on top in order for there to be a series. It was such a sad part and I cried for an hour before reading the rest of the book. At first I preferred Gale over Peeta as well, but after reading the rest of the series you definitely start to understand Peeta and where he is coming from a lot more. Regarding the ending, I was really happy with it but if she chose the other guy I would have been just as happy 🙂

  4. I am team Peeta ALL THE WAY. i think they completely belong together. plus, he is so perfect! i absolutely LOVED the part where she finds him in the mud and heals him. i could read that over and over and over again!

      1. Bookjourney i reeeeally hope it does! haha… yeah i picture sterling knight playing peeta and johnny depp as haymitch 😀 lol i have a pretty full cast, but i don’t know for katniss, rue, mrs everdeen, prim, thresh, and pres. snow. i’m making my mom read the book… literally i’m like “mom, read the first hapter NOW.” that was like 10 min ago. she says she’s gonna read during the commercials (of the grammys) anyway, peeta is soooo perfect ❤

    1. I fricken LOVE these books, i have reread the 1st book about 4 times. Each time i wonder about if i would live or not. I know be able to kill but would i be able to live off the land?? and it aggrivates me soo much about how Katniss can not choose (i am reading the 2nd one i jsut got it) between the 2 guys. Then again books always aggrivate me that way some of the characters are jsut soooooo thick!! >=(

      1. Oh wow Dehydration Games – i never really thought about if I would survive! I think I could live off the land but would have a hard time with the killing.

  5. btw, if she chooses gale, the hunger games book 3 will be FLYING OUT THE WINDOW. i think book 3 should be called “taking flight” cuz u kno, katniss is the mockingbird 🙂

    P.S. if katniss doesn’t want peeta, can i have him?

  6. I have read both hungergames and catching fire and i love both peeta and gale!i can’t choose!!! ill be happy most woth peeta but illl be ded angry if she choses gale! I WANT THEM BOTH!!

    1. That would be wonderful if they both could win – but then who steps away from Katniss? They would need to bring in another love interest to make it all happy for everyone. Hmm… thats an idea!

      1. Maybe gale or peeta could end up with Madge,probably gale though cuz peeta won’t leave karniss and in the first book gale sorta looked interested

  7. I LOVE this series!!!!!! I’m making my best friend read it right now and she’s at the part when katniss offers to take prims place in the reaping! I am SOOOOO excites for her!!!!

    1. I decided I’m on team mockingjay because it includes gale, peeta, and katniss all together!!! If I had to choose between guys, it’d be difficult because peeta is soooo SWEET but gale is smokin HOT!!! I can’t help thinking that it’s like twilight! Gale is like Jacob and peeta is like Edward and katniss is like Bella!!! I am waiting IMPATIENTLY for the third book to come out!!!! I hear it comes out in august!!!! 😀

  8. I am on team Gale. Peeta is too weak. He would have died if not for Katniss. Gale would have survived, but not killed Katniss.

    1. I have to say, i think it would be pretty cool if Gale and katniss both got picked for the reaping. since gale and katniss are best friends it would be very interesting seeing how it would all go down. i was maybe thinking they would team up and lead the other contestants to their deaths. but the only thing i cant imagine is what they would do about the last two contestants, themselves. both families needed the prizes the winner had to offer, for as we know Gale and Katniss weren’t wealthy. neither were their families. the only thing i can brain storm is gale/katniss playing dead in order to trick them…………….can any one add on to this or relate to it?

  9. This book was soooooo amazing. I hated how book 2 ended! I’m on team Peeta, because he is so sweet, and how romantic is it that he loved her since he was 5? I cried so much at rues part, and I read this book 3 times already, so thats three times as much crying! best book ever

  10. i am completely addicted to all things hunger game somtimes i am on Youtube thinking ‘hmmm what’ll i watch’ and i find myself pounding in hunger games trailers or trying to find news i think its because when i read about katniss with a bow and arrow it reminds me of my dad with a rifle

    P.S. my dad died on October 16, 2009

  11. thanks sorry about the late reply it is just that i was camping for a week i need an answer from youokay if you had to be one character in the book who would it be??????? oh yeah and my name is ryan actually

    1. Oh great question Ryan… I think Katniss as she has a good head on her shoulders and she is a tough girl. I think I could kick some major butt and choose the best guy (although I have no idea who that is right now…. Peeta I think).

  12. lol i sort of agree i would also be katniss saying as peeta got stabbed in book one and is missing right now i hope he isnt like best friends with the avox girl

  13. new book coming out in four day holy crud i am freaking out of my sock i thought they were done writing new books but nope new book new book new book new book !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. well, methinks gale is awesome…he seems incredibly hot while peeta seems spoilt, weak and super unmanly, there is just something about the grey eyed olive skinned god who hunts in the forest that gets me

  15. hey bookjourney i havent blogged in a while but i wanted to say that im rereading the hunger games series for the tenth time seriously ive been counting

  16. I know it is late to talk about the book because everyone probably finished all books, but i want to talk about it any way. It was so sad when Rue died.I cried ALOT.To me this shows how cruel the Capital is.The girl was only 12 years old!

  17. Peeta! PEETA! PEETA!!!! And STOP comparing it to Twilight! It’s WAYYYYYYY better! Just finished MockingJay! And I am pleased with the ending. ALOT.

  18. Oh my god! I cant believe Rue died so fast! 😦 she was my most favorite characters (although I LOVED the book and Catching Fire) all of my favorite characters die: Cinna, Rue, and the Avox girl may they RIP. . .

  19. i am just postivly loving that the movie is coming out
    I’m not that positive that the person playing me is that good

  20. I think that in all three books katniss had this sort of concieded side, don’t get me wrong she’s great but sometimes its just like ‘do you even care that peeta really cared about you?’ She wasn’t like this at all when it came to rues death but she was pretending to love peeta, leading him on, when he really cared for her. Its more in the other books but I won’t spoil anything, so its hard to explain what I mean by it. I’m definately team peeta though. Gales great and all but he’s a bestfriend not a love of her life. and after the third book gale can suck it for all I care.

  21. OMG, i got all three books four days ago and read them all in three days! I cried when Rue died, I mean, she was only 12, the same age as me! I really wanna smack Snows ugly face. Does anyone know if they do the flower thing in the movie???

    Anyway, I love Katniss, but sometimes I wondered if she even cared about Peeta in the first book. It made me want to kick her, because he obviously cares so much about her, and she smacks it right back in his face. I’ve always been team Peeta, even before I got the books because my friends at school said stuff about them. And, in my opinion, I don’t quite consider Gale as a main character until the last book. I mean, he obviously means a lot to her, but he doesn’t really appear much. And one of the things he says about Katniss to Peeta in the last book really gets me.


      yes they do the flower thing in the movie.

      I dont think she really cared about Peeta in Hunger Games, it was a show (IMO). Gale doent have a lot to do with book one, although for some reason I was Team Gale.

      Key word… was 😉

  22. Ok I was sold on the hunger games on the first chapter, it is great I love it. I am always talking about it. Team peeta!!!!!!

  23. prim dies
    gale moves to district 2
    presidant snow dies
    katniss and peeta get married and have to children 1 boy + 1 girl
    soz if i spoiled it LOL

  24. team peeta al the way
    he was soooo sweet wen he wuz lookin 4 his parents wen he was hijacked but they wer ded even though he tried 2 strangle katniss they r perfect 4 each other

  25. I absolutely loved this book, I love how Katniss hates the Capitol so much she’s always rebelling, her audition for the scores in CF was amazing, Peeta as well!

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