Catching Fire Spoiler Talk

This is an are for those who have read this book and wish to discuss it in more detail.  This area will have spoilers!

So for me – Holy smokes!  I couldnt believe that Katniss and Peeta were pulled back into the games!  Did anyone else see that coming?  I thought this book would be mainly about them trying to show they were in love while Katniss tried to sort out her feelings with Gale… but this took the book to a whole other level.  Better I think.  What do you think?

I really find too that I am liking the character of Cinna.  A lot.  I think it was amazing what he did with Katniss’ outfit for the games.  I am curious as to what has happened to him.  I have to believe he is going to show up somehow in the third book.

So please share your thoughts…. what did you love?  What did you hate?

17 thoughts on “Catching Fire Spoiler Talk

  1. I had a similar situation– I’d heard that Hunger Games was Book 1 in a trilogy, but totally forgot by the time I finished the novel. HG ended with such a cliffhanger– I was yelling at the book when I finished it! I immediately went out and entered about 3 dozen (no kidding) blog contests to try to win a copy of Catching Fire (because I can’t afford to go out and buy a new hardback, and I wasn’t going to wait for Santa to bring it two months later!). Fortunately, I was able to procure a copy.

    I enjoyed CF, but not quite as much at HG. I think that’s probably b/c it’s the “middle child” of the trilogy, so I’m hopeful that The Victors will be satisfying.

    While I thought the new venue for the 2nd set of games was interesting, with the clock setup and everything, I wasn’t overly thrilled that they were sent back in for another round. It just seemed like Collins took an easy way to the next plot point. However, I’m no writer and certainly don’t know what’s ahead for Book 3. You can be sure I’ll be reading it and relishing it for sure! Overall, a very satisfying series.

    Laura Hartness
    The Calico Critic

    1. Laura that’s a fantastic way to put it…. CF being the middle child. I think too that Hunger Games was so passionate because it was the first of its kind…. so unusual that it is hard to keep up that level of excitement.

      I’m with you on book 3…. I will be getting my hands on that as soon as possible.

    2. I forreal just finished hunger games a few minutes ago and i think im going to puke because i want more!! What is catching fire about i want info b4 i go and buy it. Thanks!

  2. I cannot wait to read the final chapter of this series! I have no idea what’s going to happen, but as I mentioned in my own review, I think the only option involves a total country-wide rebellion that ends with the destruction of The Capitol and the abolition of the Hunger games.

    1. Great thoughts hippiechrissey – you are probably pretty close to being right. I think it has to be hard to an author when there is so much hype about how the series is going to end.

      I remember JK Rowling received a ton of mail from readers telling her how HER books should end…. some readers take this very seriously 🙂

  3. The Hunger games is our favorite series at our house.

    The books were unpredictable and I LOVED EVERY WORD OF IT.

    I think that Katniss and Finick will have to go after Peeta and Annie by themselves. Peeta will be a leader of a capitol one revolution and end up a political leader.

    August 24th can’t come soon enough.

    1. Kjovus – the books are so awesome! Great thoughts on the book! I cant wait for the 24th either….. I need to plan something her on my blog….. something…. something…… hmmmm…..

  4. I didn’t see them being pulled in again. I also was shocked w/ the uprisings and the man dying in 11. Also I didn’t c a new peacekeeping ground and the fence staying on.

  5. I just finished the hunger games literally minutes ago. I feel like i am going to throw up because i want more. And i cant sleep! And i have school tomorrow at 7:40! I mean seriously! Any thoughts on book 2?? Is it good e nuff to spend full price on?? Lemme know!!!! Thanks!!

    1. Well – I think it is, and you did come into the spoiler page for Catching Fire which talks about the book instead of going into the Hunger Games spoiler page. 😀

      Hope you didnt ruin anything for yourself. 😀

    2. i felt the same exact way! cant put the second book down. im going to cry when i finish the 3rd book! i love it soooo much!

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  7. when Katniss and Peeta had to go back to the games i nearly fell off my chair, im not kidding!! this event took the book to a whole new level!! however, i still think catching fire is the third most interesting book in the series.

  8. I loved Hunger Games but when I got Catching Fire, OH MY GOD!!! I wasn’t at all suprised when Katniss and Peeta were chosen. What did suprise me is what Peeta say in the interviews and how Katniss reacted. If somebody did that to me I certaintly would let everything brake loose and kill him. Though you know Suzanne Collins character not mine. I was in tears when the peacekeepers beat up Cinna and when I read that Darius was an Avox. I am not finished yet but I can’t put the book down!

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