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As this is a SPOILER page this is a place where we can openly talk about the Catching Fire Movie without worries of ruining any parts for those who have not seen it yet.  If you have not seen the movie, please exit this page now. 

And now….

Catching Fire.

Right before I started writing this post, I read my Spoiler Page for the Catching Fire book. I found it interesting that something I had brought up about the book, several years ago now, something that I had forgotten about, was also something that stood out to me in the movie as well.  This was for me, the amazing dress that Cinna made for Katniss that is the wedding dress that burns away tot he mocking jay dress.  Of course this dress gives a clear message and of course – this dress causes Cinna great trouble as we soon see when he is beaten and hauled away.

What did you think of that scene?  I found it to be passionate and amazing.  Katniss gave such real emotion when Cinna was beaten.

One thing that seemed unfinished to me in the movie  said and then dropped… was when Peeta announced that Katniss was pregnant.  To me, at that moment you would think that Katniss would have been ran out for testing right away… but no, Peeta says it, the response is, we do not care… and the games went on – never mentioned again.  I can not recall how that (or it that) went down in the book.

Over all, as I said in my review, I really enjoyed the movie.  I thought it was well done and that all the actors did an amazing job.  How about you?  What did you think of the movie?  Was it better that you expected? Why or why not?  Was it true to the book?

Lets get this discussion going! 




18 thoughts on “Catching Fire Movie – SPOILER Page

  1. They didn’t test her in the book either. I think they didn’t care. They just wanted her dead. I think it was pretty true to the book. I was disappointed that they left out Hamish’s backstory about what happened to him during and after the games. I think that was in Catching Fire but I could be wrong. I think that helped explain even more why the victors were all so angry at the authorities.

  2. I really liked it, too. I was going to try and re-read it before the film came out, but didn’t get around to it, so I’m a bit hazy on details from book to film. I really loved the performances given by the actors who played Finnick and Johannah. I thought those characters were very well done. And yes, I thought the scene where Cinna was beaten was amazingly done. Does anyone remember whether he survives or not? I can’t remember if they kill him or if he makes it into Mockingjay. My sisters were like, ‘Does he survive? Just tell us.’ And I was like, ‘I honestly don’t remember.’ Another part I thought they did extremely well was when both Katniss and then Finnick fell prey to the Jabberjays. I remember thinking that would be hard to pull off in a film, but, like when Cinna was beaten, I thought that was one of the scenes where we got the most true, unabashed emotion. I also thought they did Finnick’s grandmother to absolute perfection. Loved her! Loved the movie overall. It was very well done. 😀

    1. I think (but am not sure) that Cinna does make it into the final book… the fact that they never close that door in CF makes me think that is true. Katniss never says anything to Peeta like “Cinna’s dead!”. I was very impressed with the whole movie – visually appealing.

    2. I think (I’m not sure) but I’m pretty… I cried when Cinna comes back in the last book. Just saying!

        1. Yea, the details are fuzzy and I can’t remember when in the book he comes back or if he comes back as a –“whatsamicallit” … mute-person-thing, any how… I’m pretty sure does come back! lol

  3. I know some people might think this part a bit petty but I was a little disappointed that they left out the wedding gown trials. Otherwise, I think the movie was … okay? … maybe I got so excited that I kind hazed over how it’ll actually go. I was impressed with how they made the cliffhanger not quite so “cliffy”.

      1. Yea… haha I started getting caught up on more recent releases while I was doing a really time consuming job and it allowed me to listen to a new audiobook every couple of days. So all my Hunger Game reviews are based off the audiobook version. I eventually want to re-read them, and I do mean read them 🙂

  4. well the movie was really good and the new director had managed to capture many dramatic scenes such as cinna getting beaten up (though im not sure whether he died in book 3 or not someone please just remind me if he did or not) also the games were brilliant and the jabberjays scene was very realistic. But i wouldnt lie when i say that the “beach scene” was my favorite after realising that im team peeta.

  5. alright this is a crucial part that the film had missed out:
    Bonnie and Twill were two people from District 8 who were trying to escape to District 13. Katniss had found them traveling through the woods surrounding District 12. They showed her a piece of bread with a mockingjay stamped on it, which is the “symbol for the rebels.” They were going to District 13 because they had heard stories of people living under the District. They were leaving because the factory that the Capitol had destroyed was the one that they worked at. It was a fluke that they didn’t die, Twill had worked as a school teacher and Bonnie was her pupil. Twill and her husband had planned on dressing in Peacekeeper uniforms and escaping. When Bonnie and Twill had finished their school day, they headed to the factory. However, there were large craters in the roads from the Peacekeeper bombings they had to avoid. Because of this, they were late for work, and were still a few blocks away when the whole factory blew up. Bonnie’s whole family died and so did Twill’s husband, so the two headed off on their own. They also told Katniss that they thought the Capitol had been using the same tape of District 13 every time they air the surface, and that during the tape, a wing of a mockingjay passed by the corner of the screen. In Mockingjay, it was revealed that the two of them never made it to District 13. They are presumed to be deceased and may have been killed by the Capitol or died of exposure in the winter forest.

    1. The movie was quite good, much better than the first. The new director accomplished much more, but having read the books it made it seem a bitch choppy. Was also very unhappy that they left out Haymitch’s quell. Just to clarify…in the books Cinna only gets mentioned in the third. The part that you remember crying about him being mentioned is when Katniss is given his book of designs for her mockingjay costume and it says in the book…I’m still betting on you. He was killed under torture in the Capitol…or so they assume.

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