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Ok – you know the drill.  The Spoiler page is for those who have read the book and want to talk freely about the book without worry of giving away anything for those who have yet to read the book.

This is not a review – this is just thoughts and feelings and “wonderisms” about the book, Before I Fall.

SO – now that this is covered…. let’s begin.

I am probably going to need help starting this conversation because my head is kind of stuck around one part that really spoke to me.  (I just finished the book a couple of hours ago as I write this).  In the end when she is hugging her little sister for the last time, or thinking about the last words she says to her parents….  and talks about the last times – like the last ice cream cone… the last kiss…. and how things would change if we knew these were lasts…

Seriously this took my breath away.  I have had a lot of loss in my life and through the years I have turned the scenarios involving these events through the ringer.  I thought I had covered everything in my grief and this thought about the lasts caught me off guard.  I hadn’t thought about that.

In my mom’s case – I have thought about her last time in the house.  How she left for work that day having no idea that she would never return.  But I had not thought about her last meal…. her last moment of sheer happiness…

Sorry.  I really did not mean to make this personal but I hit a vein here and I am running with it.  It’s not a bad thing.  It’s just my thoughts.

My point, I believe is, is that in life we do not know.  When they say we should live each day like it is out last – we really should.  We should always end conversations kindly.  We should enjoy that ice cream cone and not hurry through it… and we should make that phone call we know we need to make… but dread doing it.

This is a big part of what I pulled out of the book.  I hope to interview author Lauren Oliver.  I want to ask her if this was the plan in the book, to make up think about our own lives and decisions… and while Sam had opportunities to make it right, when will we make things right?

Ok – take this page any direction you want.  Talk about what you liked or did not like about the book.  What did you think of Juliet?  Do you think there was a way to save her – or was that just something we need to accept is that everyone can not be saved.  And in the end – was she?  I was not entirely sure isf Juliet was saved and Sam died or if they both died….

I didn’t like the story line with the teacher.  I thought it went too far.  I think Sam could have done what she did – this was a great example of her letting go – feeling invincible, but I think Mr. Daimler should have walked away.  I feel that gave an acceptance to this behavior in this YA book that was too much.  Your thoughts?

July 6, 2010: UPDATE:  After chatting with Lauren Oliver here is the question I asked her about the books ending and her answer:

***This question goes on my spoiler page only – I am curious to know, does Samantha die in the end and Juliet live?  Do you have any images beyond the book ending of Juliet and what you believe happens her beyond the pages of the book?

Lauren:  Well, in my mind, Sam dies at the start of the book; she learns over the course of the novel that although there are many things she can change around the conditions of her death, and in the moments that precede it, that is the one ultimate fact, the insurmountable barrier. And I do think it’s important for teens—and adults, for that matter—to understand that there are some things in life, some bad decisions and missteps, that can simply never be reversed. Life is not a video game, and there is no reset button.

And yes, Juliet lives. I have many ideas about what happens to all of the characters after the conclusion of the book, but I prefer not to share them. One of the things I like best about books is that they ultimately belong to the readers as much as they do to the writer; so I’ll leave it up to you to imagine a world for Juliet and the others post-book!

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  1. I love you thoughts on the “lasts”.

    But I want to mention what I thought of the teacher storyline – I think it was a necessary evil. That day was a horrible day for her but a needed one. She needed to know what would have happened (and we the readers did too, because if that hadn’t been in there I would have been left with a sense of incompletion).

    The entire book, to me, is about exposing everyone for who they really are and Mr. Daimler should not be excluded from that list. I did not get a good feeling about him up until that point and it was at that moment I felt a sort of vindication for the feelings I had – does that make sense?

    1. Lydia it does make sense. It was one of those moments – there is a similar moment like that in Thirteen Reasons Why – I wont give it away (cant remember if you have read it) – but I mention it in that spoiler. It was different because it was with a peer…

      I think what bugs me is that this is a YA read and while I get that this whole scene is about Sam letting go – I dont like what the teacher did, and maybe I am not suppose to. I like how you word it – it is about exposing true selves.

  2. Oh I definitely think we’re not supposed to like it. I think it’s supposed to horrify us (And I know it did me).

    But being a young adult novel in today’s world doesn’t necessarily mean candy-coating instances like that. I think she handled it well and on a level that teenage readers would be able to relate to. I know when I was younger it would have not been an appropriate subject matter (being a very sheltered, home-schooled, strict Baptist girl) but when I look at what my 17 year sister is reading I think it is just about on the same level – with a jolt added to give them that necessary smack.

    1. Good points…. YA does sometimes surprise me but it does fit in with the world we live in. I hope to get an interview with Lauren on this. I would love to hear her thoughts on this as well as the idea behind the book.

  3. Ya this book was fantastic.

    About the teacher thing. It didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would because at the beginning I could completely see her doing that and sadly he seemed creepy from the get go, so it didn’t surprise me either. Then again maybe I was looking for the bad in him the moment I knew what she was up too.

    I agree though, I didn’t like what he did. He should have known better.

    1. I think I missed that he was creepy from the beginning Zia, that’s probably why it disgusted me so… I thought he was just an attractive teacher who could connect with the students well.

      I believed when Sam acted the way she did that he would address it and then walk away. Silly me… 🙂

  4. I didn’t really care for Mr Daimler to begin with, so wasn’t as surprised at what happened. Yes, he should have addressed it and then walked away, but real life doesn’t always happen the way it should. Look at how many teachers are in the news for inappropriate behavior towards their students. Sad, but true.

    I hope that you’re able to interview Lauren, as I’d love to know if she planned to have her readers examine their own lives, or if that’s just a happy by-product of a great book?

    I’m also curious about Juliet’s future. I loved how it was up in the air, but I so want Sam’s sacrifice to matter!

    1. I know Terri, I hope Sam’s sacrifice matter. I think Sam died and Juliet lived and – lived a better life with self worth. At least thats what I take away 🙂

  5. i too thought the teacher part was not needed

    i also thought there was way too much smoking/drinking….i know it’s around but to that extent? no parents?

    my brother died as a child and now that i have kids i am really weird about it…like did he feel pain, did he know it was the end….

    loved loved this book

    1. Diana – agreed, I have read a few YA where the characters are 15 – 18 but partying and drinking…. that does bother me a bit too.

      Diana, I lost my sister when she was 5. The book does bring up some things doesn’t it?

  6. I definitely think there’s a difference between sudden death and a slow wasting away. Both are hard in their own ways.

    I loved this novel too! So glad you decided to read it! You must try to get a copy of Lauren’s new novel DELIRIUM. More great food for thought – deep issues and big ideas about life and love.

    1. Lenore – I totally agree. I have lost family close to me in accidents. Fast, no time to prepare and over. Then I see friends whos parents or grandparents are suffering from Alzheimers and I think that has to be harder….. but both are hard for different reasons.

      Thanks for the heads up on DELIRIUM. I am going to try to get my hands on that one! 🙂

      1. Well then I’ve got a lot coming for me. I cannot stand children deaths (even though I research a lot true crime which sadly includes many of them). A few weeks ago, I dreamt that my younger sister died…worst dream…well nightmare… ever. I also don’t have a great relationship with my sister, so it scares me more

  7. I believe the smoking/drinking was very realistic in the story. There weren’t any indications to the parents that the kids were drinking which is how it happens in reality.
    The ending was very confusing. I think that Sam died and Juliet lived but that doesn’t explain if Juliet will start to be a happier person. It is possible that Sam saved her for no reason if Juliet continues to feel upset and alone even after being saved by Sam.

    1. Jessica, I found the ending a bit confusing too. I think maybe it was meant to be left up to our imagination, but I really prefer the book to spell things out to me. 🙂

      I too think Sam dies and Julia survived…. maybe Julia’s story is another book….

    2. to comment on what happens to Juliet after the book, I believe that she would remain unhappy. To go along the lines of what Oliver soar in the interview about this book, she said that something we cannot change- they are not reversible. To claim that just because Sam sacrificed her life for Juliet does not mean that all of a sudden Juliet will lead a more happy life. To fit to the rest of the stories theme- I believe Juliet must remain unhappy, remain lost and scared. People cannot just be “fixed” & I think that’s a key element in this story.

  8. I also found the premise behind this book so strong and beautiful.

    You didn’t mention Kent! Didn’t you just LOVE Kent? My heart just broke for him. It made me think of all the guys in high school that “weren’t cool enough.” Agh – if only I had read this when I was fourteen!

    1. You are right Reagan – I didnt mention Kent. Kent was wonderful. What a level headed and sweet character! He is probably the one that would grow up be responsible and really make something of himself.

  9. I read this book a long time ago but what stuck with me was that I really thought that she could fix things to save herself the whole time through. Like it was Groundhog’s Day (the movie) and she had to find the piece of the puzzle to make things right. I think I read it too fast to see that by making it right she was still going to be gone but she was fixing things for Juliet. I am disturbed by the amount of drinking and partying that YA do, not that itwas unrealistic, but that it happens so much and has for so long. I wish there were a better way to address this issue and take away some of the coolness to make things safer from here on out.

  10. Okay so let me just say this is my FAVORITE book:) but at the end, does Sam really die?? or was Kent the guy who saved her?

  11. Omg best book ever! I finally understand it! Sam died but she was given a week to correct the mistakes that shes done in her life so she can be rememberd in that way. At first sam didnt exept her death, but then she started to fix things in her life that she did wrong and she found out that she didnt have to save her llife, but save another persons life. Thats y at the end of the story she dies to save juliets life. Awesome book i started crying at the end!!!! Lauren oliver ily!!!!

  12. I want to know why Sam was able to relive her last day, who made it so she was able to? Was it just fate? Her destiny? I wish the force of who was responsible was pointed out although it may have just been the way it is. Overall it was a very good book and I as a teenager would recommend it to everyone. I think it makes you look differently at life and death and maybe makes you think death isnt so scary, if you live your life right. I really loved loved loved how Sam became more open minded sort of and how she began to really truly open her eyes and look at her surroundings and appreciate them and link them to other memories.The ending honestly was very confusing, i sort of hoped they Sam and Juliet both lived because the end states how someone says “You saved me” as if Juliet said that to Sam thanking her.It seems like Sams good life had been enough for her to die so soon and now Juliet’s miserable life finally has a chance to live a good, fulfilling life, like Sam. I feel like a theme for this book would to be simply appreciate what you have and enjoy them before its too late. Life is too short and although its the longest thing any human can ever do i feel as if it truly is something short because time zips by so fast before you can sit back and enjoy it.

  13. I guess we knew she’d die from the beginning but at the end of the book I was really hoping that she’d be able to live. Especially after the part with Kent, so cute!!!

  14. do you think sam died? sometimes i like to think that she did not die, because at the beginning of the book it talks about second chances, but at the end, sam talks about letting go. But i like to think she did not die; that she lived to see Izzy graduate. am i right?

  15. I feel really creepy right now, because I think the teacher “happenning” was one of the best parts of the book. And I think it had to happen, it had the right impact, you and other people were disgusted. I don’t think that YA books have to be (ok, I’m not English native and I can’t think of a good work, but) “correct”. It was better this way, to show what kids can come across. It’s better that he didn’t walk away, and that all that happened, and that after that Sam felt horrible. Much better than if he just walked away, she wouldn’t have that change on her attitude, she wouldn’t make the readers understand how that is so wrong.

    I liked the book, but it is definetely not one of my favorites. I didn’t like the ending. I came here because of it, I also thought it was confusing and was trying to find some answers. Didn’t anybody think that Juliet’s life will actually be worse after what happened? Sam didn’t do anything to avoid having the girls keep treating Juliet like they do. The only thing I can think now is that Lindsay will blame Juliet for Sam’s death and will make her life even worse, “Psycho killed Sam”. I wish Sam talked about it with Juliet, and with Lindsay. Like the day before. I wish she told Lindsay that she knows what happened between them, and that she doesn’t have to act that way, people will still love her. I wish she told Juliet she knew, and told her LIndsay was waiting for her to “stand up for herself” or I don’t know, try to make her understand. Why would she give up on the idea of killing herself then? Just because Sam saved her? She was so determined.

    And it kills me that Kent won’t understand what happened. He won’t know why she suddenly changed with him. I don’t think she explained enough. I like the day before, kissing on the porch, better. I wish she told him she finally saw him, she finally realized what he meant to her. Even worse, now that he just “got the girl”, she dies. I would be miserable.

    But I have this idea that all that happened actually didn’t happen. That it was only on her mind, before she died the first time.

  16. Oh, but I really liked the way she changed over the days. At the beggining I was really pissed, it took me a long time to read the first two or three chapters. Then finally I started getting the feeling of it, when she finally starts opening her mind, understand what’s happening… and I couldn’t let go of the book. Read the rest of it in a few days.

    I don’t know if I didn’t get the book or what, because I felt like Sam was kind of selfish. She died knowing she fixed everything in her life, but nobody else knows that. Nobody else understands why she did what she did. Not that she had to tell the truth, but at least make people understand. I don’t know, it’s just how I see it right now.

  17. The ending of “Before I Fall” left me with two points that others have mentioned. I agree with @Dani that it’s quite possible that Lindsay, Elody and Ally will unleash hell on Juliet as an outlet for their collective grief. Their best friend died attempting to save Juliet. There is no reason to believe that Juliet will not still end up following Samantha into the grave, especially if she continues to be tormented by the survivors (and deals with her own “survivor’s guilt”). Just because Juliet’s life was saved doesn’t mean it was made any easier.

    My other issue is of a more “nerdy” nature. In every other version of Feb. 12, Juliet dies. On the seventh and final iteration, she lives. Doesn’t this create some type of paradox? I suppose if we accept that reality is composed of “wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey” material, Juliet’s death was not a fixed point in time.

    Finally, here’s a little comfort from a male perspective for all of you Kent fans. Don’t worry about him. I read “Before I Fall” shortly after reading John Green’s “Looking for Alaska.” I’m also a huge fan of Geoffrey Eugenides “The Virgin Suicides.” The common thread in those books is that, for some guys, a single moment with a dream girl is a permanent source of joy, not regret. While many believe that Kent would feel cheated by having only one moment with Samantha, I prefer to think of Kent thanking heaven each night that he was given that moment. He would protect it like the flame of a single candle in an endless, wind-swept night.

  18. I loved the book but im very confused on a couple of things in the book, so was Sam really stuck living the same day over and over again? And if she was wouldn’t she had been already dead? The last thing im confused about is the ending.. did Sam die? And the blonde halo she said she saw… was that Sam saying she saw Juliet in the hospital or something?

    1. Amber I read it so long ago I cant recall all the details of the ending – but rereading my review here and the comments the author made – yes, Sam is dead – and yes she lives the same day over but in the end she dies again every time. I don’t remember the halo scene 🙂

  19. I just finished this book and had to re-read the last few pages a couple of times unable to believe SHE DIES IN THE END!!! And then I cried….silly I know, but it rocked me. All she went through to help everyone else never to help herself. I liked the book up until the end.

  20. So I liked this book but I was reeeeeally confused at the end. So I understand Sam dies and Juliet lives. However.. Does that mean that last day (the day Sam saves Juliet) , that’s how life will go on from that point? Like all the other characters will remember that night and like it really happened right? So I guess Sam never got in the initial crash from the first night .. Or she did but then that’s not how the rest of the characters know of? They only know of the last day which is Sam wasn’t even in the car, that after the party she saved Juliet. So in the end all of the characters know Sam for saving Juliet and dying from the process.. Not that Sam got in a car crash with her friends .. Right? I understand all those days in between were only ones Sam knew of. But so I guess what started this whole thing (her death in Lindsay’s car after the first crash) never even is what killed her? So how could the first six days just be on repeat and not have happened except for the last one.. I guess cause she finally figured out life and that she needed to save Juliet ? I just wish there was a clearer ending or alternate ending.

  21. I am still confused at the part when Lindsey and Sam are racing and Lindsays says, “I wasnt racing you,” and Sam says that she finally understand what she meant. Can someone help me understand whats shes finally understands please?

    1. I just finished reading the book, and I think what she understands is that the three things she loved most about each of her friends is what makes them unique. For example, she said that Elody has the “richest voice you could ever imagine,” but only ever sings in the shower. She doesn’t show it off because she’s not concerned with being the center of attention or standing out, and similarly, never speaks up or stands up for herself for that very reason. Lindsay broke out in a run at the park simply because she wanted to, the way she does everything else in her life. It’s why she’s the leader of the pack; she does whatever she wants and everyone else naturally follows.

  22. I’ve read a lot of reviews about this book and I’m curious why no one has mentioned the fact that she may wake up the next morning? Why does everyone agree that the 7th day was her last if all other days keep repeating?

    1. Yeah, I was wondering if I missed something. Sam seemed to know that the 7th day was going to be her last, since she kept saying goodbye to everything. But how could she have known? Or maybe she was just so determined to set things right that day, and had faith that would free her from this cycle. I just don’t know when that shift in thought happened because earlier it seemed she thought maybe this was just how life after death was and it would keep repeating endlessly.

  23. I think, Or I like to believe, that she might wake up in the morning. I have this tug in the back of my mind saying, ” Wait. She’s going to wake up. I just know it. She will. ” I think that Mr. Dailmer was a little nessesary, because if you think about it, she would still have wanted him if that hadn’t happened. I got bullied a lot in middle school, and I LITERALLY know what Juliet was going through. I understand her pain.

  24. Absolutely loved this book & the characters. The ending is probably going to haunt me for a while. I wish Sam would’ve lived. **I just don’t get why Sam only had to save Juliet** why couldn’t she save Juliet and herself? Is the whole point for Sam to sacrifice herself for redemption? Juliet couldn’t be convinced not to kill herself unless she saw someone else die? S.O.S some one else share thoughts.

  25. I just finished this book. I have so many questions… The one thing that Sticks with me about thevery ending when Sam “dies” for the final time, I guess, is this…. Sam worked so hard to sacrifice herself to save Julliet. With the terrible experiences that Juliet has lived with with and being to the point of committing suicide, now she has to live with the guilt of her actions causing the death of the only person who tried to reach out to her… On top of her own guilt, the ridicule that she would likely receive from others for Sam’so death, and the same feelings and hurtful memories that drove her to that point to begin with… Wouldn’t that drive her to try again? And the biggest thing that bothers me about this book is that Lindsey is never forced to own up to the terrible things she has done. Nothing was done to help Sam’s friends realize how much pain and heartache they have caused others… I think there needs to be another book book to help resolve all of the unanswered questions.. I heard that they are making a movie now, so maybe that will provoke a second book with leaving us with better closure.. Just my thoughts

  26. I feel like there is a real possibility that Sam lives. She had snaps of phrases like she wasn’t gone/dead yet. I imagine the halo as a hospital light above a person’s head. The interview with the author said that Sam died at the beginning of the book (not necessarily the end). For me, Sam lived. She probably had a lot of difficult recovery though. What I’m trying to say is that my ending is that Sam saves Juliet in every way necessary, and to do that she had to sacrifice herself. It was the only thing that she could do to break through the deep void that Juliet was stuck in.
    But to really save her Sam would have to live. She would have to wake up and tell her friends that Juliet deserved to be saved. She could possibly also save her friends from continuing down the paths they were on. And to me that was the point of this time cycle. She was the only one capable because she had the resources necessary. Friends, heart, brains, etc…
    In response to the time ripple question from comments above, maybe they were in a ripple because of Juliet’s death, and the sacrifice was what fixed the ripple? Just a thought.
    So I imagine that she wakes up 7 days after the final accident, in the hospital, that everything really happened and wasn’t a coma dream or anything. And she gets to decide how to move on.

    My alternative theory:
    She had a guardian angel that was fighting for Sam’s entrance into heaven. To do so the angel had to prove that Sam was actually a good person. This theory comes from the references to the “wings” on Juliet’s back, and the halo. So, in this one, only the first accident happened (which, alone might have been enough to change Lindsey). I think that Lindsay said shit, not Sykes. The rest of the accidents were tests of her character. The angel took on the role of Juliet in the test and made her the cause of the accident thinking it was the best way to get Sam to make the right choices.

    This are my thoughts. Regardless of what anyone else thinks, these bring me some peace.

  27. I’m not a English native so forget my English. I love the book. And I have a lot of posible ideas.
    1. She is in the purgatory, like Sam her self told in the beginning. So she can not safe herself but she have to go through all that moments and take the decision to sacrifice her self just to be able to get out the purgatory, and find the light, that halo of light from heaven. This theory goes well with the thought that every day is a different feeling to over came a bad moment, she denies her death, she is another day angry, another one depression, she tries to do the things right to show the death that she deserves living, then she accepts that she is dead and can go to heaven, so she was death since the first day.
    2. She is in comma like she also said in the beginning and she analyze all this in her head. And Juliette was impossible to save but if Sam is alive and waking up in the end when she see the hospital light she will be able to change her own life. Like Sam said at the end Juliette save me. But for me is not very likely. Also because of the dream that is showing off better every time she gets closer to know what to do. But if she dies this day is sad because of all the bad things she left behind. Especially the fight with Kent. But perhaps this makes us think that we don’t know everything, that we have to stop to think the things, and do not fight because we don’t know when it could be our last moment. Lake she say you could have a thousand days or just one. But the thing is that you never know.
    3. If Sam really dies in the last day. I believe that Juliette life is not going to be better. But when She sees somebody dieing she understands how definitely death is. How her family would have suffered. She had wonder in her eyes, perhaps she start to analyze Sam sacrifice and make it count, and make her own life count. And that Sam understand that she can not change anybody in just one day, not Lyndsay, not Juliette, or even her Last image that her parents have from her. She can only accept the people like them are, and only do what she believes is the best safe a girl that is miserable. Because now she faces the suffering from Juliette the same that she had when she was little. And also she can only make date thing a little up for her only friend in the childhood, and left him a last nice moment.
    4. I like to believe that because is a different accident. She does not died instantly like the way Juliette had died, she could be save. And she can recover and then help Juliette, and save her own life. But is just my wish. For Me is more likely that she had died the first or the last day but I have the feeling that she is death. That’s why her last word is that she doesn’t save Juliette. That Juliette save her.

  28. I love the book. And I love the way Sam’s character changes each day she wakes up. But I was really upset, that Sam died in the end. I thought that she wouldn’t die and her goal was to prevent her death and fix the problems with Juliet each day until she gets it right. I was also upset that she wasn’t able to continue her relationship with Kent especially since they just started to be together a few pages before Sam’s actually death. Other than that it’s an amazing book and I totally recommend it.

  29. In the original accident, Lindsey accidentally hits Juliet, and both Sam and Juliet “should die”, but it was a wrong place at the wrong time thing. Sam relives that day trying to change herself and to save Juliet. If Juliet gets to live, then so in turn, Sam should’ve got to live! They were both accidentally killed in the beginning, and they should both get to live in the end! I think having Sam die because she died originally anyway, is a really bad decision! Letting her live and getting to be happy with Kent, wouldn’t have been any more fantastical, then her repeating the whole day over and over, anyway! Readers would have been happier with the ending in which Sam lives and gets to be with Kent!

    1. Yes Juliet got to live but so did everyone else that was in the car with Sam that died. Plus Sam saving Juliet could’ve made Lindsey have a reality check on exactly the type of person she’s become. Sam sacrificed herself for her friends. Also in the book she mentions in the book that maybe you have to prove yourself to go to heaven or hell. So I think that her saving Juliet was the only unselfish thing she did throughout the book. Which was the thing that allowed her to let go.

  30. If Juliette commits suicide at the start of the book, why does she get to live at at the end and not Sam? It makes more sense that both should die since they both died in the beginning.

  31. I finally get it. she is dead at the start of the book. and Juliet never died the first time. the car missed her but as she re-lives the day over she changes the events and Juliet dose die. so now Sam had to fix it or they will both end up dying. so Sam scarified her life to save hers.

    1. Wait never mind you missed me again. I agree with part of what you said. I do believe that Juliet committed suicide in the beginning of the book and was kille, along with Sam. I just feel like the only reason Sam relived the same day over and over and not Juliet is because Juliet was actually ready to let go and die but Sam wasn’t. So Sam re-living those days was her way of acceptance into afterlife. I think even though Juliet wanted to die she didn’t really “want to” so she is given another chance at life.

  32. Still some compare it to Groundhog Day. The 1993 was a Bill Murray comedy. BIF is a book and screenplay about bullying, shallow living, premature death and/or vehicular homicide. Unlike the Bill Murray film, there is no comedy in Before I Fall – the book and the screenplay.

  33. Some still insist on comparing the book and film to Groundhog Day. The 1993 film was a typical Bill Murray comedy (he was still riding his popularity of the 1980s when the film was made). On the other hand, Before I Fall was a book and screenplay about bullying, shallow living, premature death and/or vehicular homicide. Unlike the Bill Murray film, there is no comedy in Before I Fall – the book or the screenplay.

  34. When Sam died the first time, it was because Juliet jumped in front of the car committing suicide correct? Isn’t this why the car flipped over in the first place? So if Juliet died the same day Sam did why isn’t Juliet reliving the same day and why in the end does Juliet live but not Sam?

  35. I think Sam and Juliette both died and Sam never actually, in real life, got to change anything and in real life, never relived the day. Everything that happened on that first day is how everything ended in her life. I think her soul had to relive that day in order to move on to “heaven”.

    She was in purgatory and was allowed to work out how she would have wanted to live that last day given time to reflect and get in touch with her true soul. It gave her a chance to become the person she was and not the person she had turned into. Saving Juliette happened in purgatory, not in the real world. In the real world they are both dead. But Juliette’s soul was saved.

    1. This is also what I thought, that the original day was the real way her life ended, and the following 6 were just for Sam to understand why she died and that actions have consequences. And yes perhaps so her soul could go to heaven or something. But she couldn’t really change anything. However, reading above that Lauren Oliver said that Juliet lives confuses me. I thought they both died on the first day, and then at the end of the book after Sam is hit by the car and is well and truly dead, she sees Juliet like an angel thanking her for saving her, like Juliet just got to see how Sam set things aright. So Juliet must be dead too… Or else who was that?

      It is kind of sad if all of Sam’s efforts and growth didn’t really change anything in the end and that likely the original day was the lasting impression everyone would have of her… but at least it would make it easier to stomach the loss of her budding relationship with Kent, because it truly never started. So even though Sam’s life didn’t really benefit from all she went through “after-death” the story acts as a lesson to readers – a cautionary tale, to treat people around you with kindness, and look below the surface.

  36. I think Sam and Juliette both died and Sam never actually, in real life, got to change anything and in real life, never relived the day. Everything that happened on that first day is how everything ended in her life. I think her soul had to relive that day in order to move on to “heaven”.

    She was in purgatory and was allowed to work out how she would have wanted to live that last day given time to reflect and get in touch with her true soul. It gave her a chance to become the person she was and not the person she had turned into. Saving Juliette happened in purgatory, not in the real world. In the real world they are both dead. But Sam’s soul was saved.

    1. I have read quite a few comments about the partying and drinking being an issue. Honestly I have never been to a party where there wasn’t kids drinking or smoking (cigarettes and otherwise.) i feel they are trying to keep from sugar coating the truth by exposing the real lives of teenagers. They want them to connect on so many levels and in other books that I have read where they hide the fact there is alcohol and drugs I’ve already placed them there in my mind because I know what happens at these parties. I didn’t connect as well with those books because I honestly felt lied to. Just an insider’s point of view. I feel as if they are explaining why you shouldn’t drink and do drugs because there are so many scenarios that end badly.
      As for the teacher. I didn’t like him from the start and I expected that he would be a perv when they focused so much on him and his class. Unfortunately there are so many teachers in schools just as perverted but not all act on their perversions. It made me sick when I read this part but i also knew it was coming in a way.
      It has always stumped me on weather she lived or died and now that I read this article it makes so mich sense that she had already been dead. She was able to save lives and change her own to how she wanted it to be (resulting in her saving her own.) I loved this book so much especially in high school and I plan on re reading it all throughout my life. Also I plan on having my daughter read it.

    2. I think they lived, if the original day or the 7th day are the ones that stuck. In the original day Sam was in the passenger seat, and when that same accident happened later with Elody in that position, only Elody died. The others were just in shock or injured. So I think it’s most likely that only Sam died in the original car crash.

  37. I guys I’m Rene from South Africa I just finish watching the movie an I cried my eyes out the ending was not wot I thought it will end.. Because Sam change everything her ways of life an acting towards ppl who cared abote her I thoughts it will end like back to the car crash she will stop her friends from hitting Juliet the car will roll because of her crabing the wheel cause she knows juliet will come run out of the woods sumwer.. They all will endup in hospital bt alive an she an that boy with the blond hair will be together. So yes good story created storyline abote live everyday like its your last love your neighbors like u love yorself respect your parents etc bt I hate the end it made me remember my sisters death she died of cancer how she did battle everyday to survive.. Her words to me dnt worry my sister I have fought this cancer once I will fight again… So she did bt she gudnt defeat it this time…

  38. I was sad for Kent cause he was so in love with Sam since they were kids and I was sad that he kissed her and didn’t remember and on the last day he got a kiss from Sam the girl he wanted for years and then it got ripped away from him it’s a really heartbreaking that Sam realise she felt the same way about kent too late before i fall was amazing I hated Sam and the start but as the story goes on I start to feel sorry for cause she starts to realise that what she thought was important like her cool boyfriend popuarlity best friends was not true her boyfriend was asshole her friends had secrets lindsay was the worse blaming juiette when it was really her that peed herself and she found out too late that kent was the one that truly cared and love her I loved her bonding with her family especially her little sister izzy I felt sorry for juilette before i fall is a good message be kind value the your love ones and be true to yourself cause u never know what round the corner u only live once and what u do matters

  39. If you liked Before I Fall you would definitely love If I Stay and the 2nd book to it Where Sh Went. If I stay and Where She Went are both by an AMAZING author named Gaylene Forman. If you do not like to read or just don’t feel like reading it If I Stay is a movie! BUT I am warning you, if you do watch the movie, there is no 2 so you will not know what happens in the real ending. I suggest READing it more than WATCHing it. Just a suggestion…

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