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Ready to start?  YAY!

Add your link here for your start-up post. You will receive House Points for doing this and those who comment on your post and are also signed up will receive House Points as well.  Your start-up post should let people know you are participating in this re-read, link back to the original sign up post encouraging others to sign up, the meme of your house and what year you are in at start-up.

  The hashtag for the read-a-long on twitter is #hpreadalong


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28 thoughts on “Start Up Post

  1. Felicia, should we post our post prior to Nov. 1st? And also, on the Linky page it says the list will close after 64 days. It won’t be up there through March 31st? I’ve never done something like this before, so I’m relatively clueless as to what the norm is : /

    1. Margie (LOL – had to do it!), yes you can post before November 1st. The 1st is official kick off so people have time to write posts, find books, etc… You can wait until the 1st if you wish, but by posting earlier as you are already committed, that gives others a chance to learn about it and sign up as well.

      The Linky is set up to run 64 days to give others time to start late if they wish. As this linky is just for the starting post, after 60+ days I think is plenty of time to join, but after that it will be too late to join us. There will be other linkys as we go for book posts, etc…

      Hope that helps 🙂

      1. So funny you would use the name Margie ’cause I JUST met a Margie who I’ll be working alongside with activities 🙂

        Anyway, if the linky tool stops, does that mean the links to each person’s blogs won’t be there anymore or, will the list remain for the duration but simply cut off the ability to enter a new link after the 64-day period?

        1. The link to their start up post will still be there, it will just means that new people will not be able to create and link a start up post. Other linkys will be set up as needed so you will be able to visit what the others are doing (book reviews, etc…), plus if you ever want to check up on them go the Individual Participants page, everyones picture is linked to their blog so you can get there that way too 🙂 This Potter thing is WAAAAAY complex. 😉

          1. I know it is, Sheila! I could tell from the moment you posted it and mentioned all you’re doing, etc. I hope that once the sign-up part is over, it’s easier for you to organize! I feel bad I’m badgering you with questions, but I’m SO clueless lol I also didn’t realize everyone’s pics link us to their blogs. I don’t know if you stated it on that page, but there’s a good chance I missed it if you did, ’cause I made my own list with the blog links to keep track! lol

  2. Well I have no idea what is going on but I’m going to start reading tomorrow. This is a first time for me…not a re-read as up until now I have resisted the Harry Potter phenomenon. Shocking, I know! Just need to finish up a chapter of The Hypochondriacs and I’m ready to go. Looking forward to it.

  3. It has again occurred to me that we who’ve read the whole series, in our discussions on the books, need to be very careful not to mention anything from the following books as to not spoil anything for the new reader. We would NEVER want to ruin this wonderful series for a first-time reader! 🙂

  4. Today I bought the new box set of Harry Potter. The ones with the Hogwarts school on the side. They should arrive sometime in November but I have all the old books . I think I’m going to listen to the audio too .

      1. Hi Sheila , I’m going to continue the readalong on my wordpress blog just so you know and I linked it in the sign up post as well. Is that ok?

          1. Wait a sec, gang…were we supposed to put the link for our Start Up post somewhere and I didn’t do it? I’m feeling quite befuddled at the moment. Granted, I’m delirious right now, too, so that’s not helping! lol Where was I supposed to post it? Did I do it already? LOL!!!

  5. I’ve been participating silently, I do not have a blog. I just finished Chamber of Secrets and started Prisoner of Azkaban. I’m listening to the audio books. I’ve read and listened to all the books countless of times. I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s post.

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