6 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. Good luck on all of your challenges! I’ve joined quite a few year-long challenges this year and I’m hoping that they will help me wean down my piles! My personal challenge – not to buy or swap a new book until at least two are gone from the pile I already have … oh, and not to solicit or accept new review books until March (although I’ve already kind of not done so well with that, as I just HAD to download the eGalley of The Poison Eaters by Holly Black – but, technically, since it doesn’t come out until March, I’ve only half-backed on that challenge) 🙂

  2. Great list of challenges. Have fun! And, I’m a librarian, I kind of look like the one in the LIbrary Challenge…bwwahahahahaha…um. yeah. no.

    Glad I found your blog!

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