Descent by Tim Johnston Discussion Questions


These are the discussion questions that our group used when talking about this book.  Feel free to use these for your group discussion as well.


1. What do you think of Grant and Angela in the beginning? Do you think Grant is still messing around when the call comes in?


2. How did you experience this book? Did it grab you from the start – if not when did it grab you if it ever did?


There are times in the book where Sean is being truthful but is perceived as not.  Has this ever happened to you where you have been questioned if what you were saying is true, or if you have been misunderstood?  What does that make you feel like when you can not get your point across no matter how you try?


3. The plot of a girl disappearing is a familiar one, does it work in this book or is it overused? If it works, why?


4. Does this book feel real?


5. Why do you think the author refers to Caitlin and Sean for a while as “the boy” and “the girl”? Did you like that?


6. How do you feel about the title of this book? It can work on many levels, but can you think of a better title?


7. If Caitlin had not been taken do you think there was hope for Grant and Angela’s marriage? In the end when they are all together do you think they will try again?


8. The book is told from different perspectives of the family members as individuals. Whose story line is most engaging? Woe story line is the least interesting?


9. We do not know that Caitlin is raped until after she is found, although we may have assumed it. Why do you think the author chose not to put that in the book during Caitlin’s captivity?

10. What do you think Billys real motives are when he starts following the man he met at the bar? Is he trying to be the hero?


11. When Caitlin finally escapes she chops off her own foot to do it. Could you do such a thing to escape if it were you?


12. Is the ending satisfying?

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