January 17, 2011

Ok…. whew…. here we go.

I am working on my first non fiction novel (hopefully!) I am working with a Christian woman who has AIDS. She contacted it back in 1984 during an emergency blood transfusion before they tested all donated blood.

I meet with her every Monday and I record her as we discuss what it is like to be married woman with children, with AIDS and the stigma that surrounded her then – and now.

I am a first time writer (although it is what I have always dreamed of.).


This is my first post about my writing.  I am a little nervous sharing it here but feel as I progress it is good for my own documentation as well as proving to myself that I am moving forward.

This Monday I met with Connie or the first time since the end of November.  I was going to Honduras and when I returned she was busy with Christmas plans so we agreed to wait until things settles down after the holidays.  I had felt that our five-week break from meeting left me feeling a little out of it and I had lost my stream of conversation.  I need not have worried, Connie showed up and took it all from there!


We met for 2 1/2 hours and I was on fire again!

We will not be meeting this next Monday as I am going for a ski lesson (YIPES!)… however we will be back meeting again in another week and I am excited to move forward again!


**At this point I have not been doing a lot of writing… I am mainly recording our conversations and researching.  She has given me books and DVDs to watch on AIDS.  I have recently watched Philadelphia and The Band Played On.

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