It’s Monday! What Are You Writing?

I mentioned it awhile ago on this blog… I am working on writing a book.  I do not talk about it much, well I should say up to this point I have not talked about it much, because I read about so many authors struggling to get published and I just get….


A week ago, Brooks J Young, aspiring author and recent friend connection for me, emailed me and inquired about an idea she had after reading the “It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading” post.  She wanted to start an “It’s Monday!  What Are You Writing?” meme.  I thought was a great idea.  Brooks wanted this to be a place where writers could meet and write their own posts about their writing goals for the week and accomplishments.  With the addition of this new meme, I felt this was something I could positively do as well and on this page I will start sharing my writing goals, forward moves… and pitfalls.  At this point it is slow going, but at least I am moving forward.

I love that now there is a What Are You Reading meme, WHERE Are You Reading challenge, and a What Are You Writing meme!

I hope you will spread the work about Brook’s meme to people you know who are authors are working at becoming one.  I am hoping this meme will have great success and become a place where we can share ideas and encourage one another.

January 17th, 2011 Entry

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