Sold by Patricia Mccormick

A second Guest Blogger post!  I am very excited to share with you this post by Eleni at LA FEMME READERS.  I read this review and had to add yet another book to my wish list!  Be sure to check out Eleni’s book blog, it is a lot of fun!

sold2Summary: Grade 9 Up – As this heartbreaking story opens, 13-year-old Lakshmi lives an ordinary life in Nepal, going to school and thinking of the boy she is to marry. Then her gambling-addicted stepfather sells her into prostitution in India. Refusing to be with men, she is beaten and starved until she gives in. Written in free verse, the girls first-person narration is horrifying and difficult to read. In between, men come./They crush my bones with their weight./They split me open./Then they disappear. I hurt./I am torn and bleeding where the men have been. The spare, unadorned text matches the barrenness of Lakshmis new life. She is told that if she works off her families debt, she can leave, but she soon discovers that this is virtually impossible. When a boy who runs errands for the girls and their clients begins to teach her to read, she feels a bit more alive, remembering what it feels like to be the number one girl in class again. When an American comes to the brothel to rescue girls, Lakshmi finally gets a sense of hope. An authors note confirms what readers fear: thousands of girls, like Lakshmi in this story, are sold into prostitution each year. Part of McCormicks research for this novel involved interviewing women in Nepal and India, and her depth of detail makes the characters believable and their misery palpable. This important book was written in their honor.
My Review: This book was amazing! It’s a fast read but the words are very powerful. The journey that this little girl goes through is brutal, but her strength is impressive. This book is a great example where you feel like you are living the story with one of the characters.
My Rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Thanks again to Eleni for allowing this post to be shared with my readers as well.  Remember to stop by her blog and see what else she is reading!

13 thoughts on “Sold by Patricia Mccormick

  1. i read this book and fell in love with lakishmi! she has my sympathy vote! great book! put it on your bucket list!!!

  2. i read this book and fell in love with lakishmi! she has my sympathy vote! great book! put it on your bucket list!

  3. This book is available in an elementary school. I am angry. Whilst I wholeheartedly agree that this book is an education and does much to heighten the awareness of atrocities against girls in other cultures, I cannot see the benefit of it being made available to 10-12 year olds in a protected society. Please someone enlighten me… and please do not say that it is to educate the protected. I refuse to believe that. Unless the students are worked with and explained fully the content of this book, it should not be available. I perceive it to be quite damaging to a young child who does not have the capacity yet for understanding the ways of the world.

  4. Im currently reading this book and so far this book is awesome! Im falling in love with it, and I can bet that Im gonna read it more than once 🙂 I cant even put the book down for once! Thats how great this book is! xx 🙂

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