Miles to Go by Laurel-Rain Snow (Author & Fellow Book Blogger!)

miles to go this oneI am pleased to offer this review of Miles to Go by Laurel-Rain Snow.  This review is written by the author herself!   She is an author of several book and I will be hosting an author interview with her within the next few days so please watch the Author Interviews page for this.

California, 1970: flush with idealistic ambition and youthful passion, best friends Lindsay and Gia are preparing to graduate from college. With their history of radical student activism, they’re determined to make their mark on a country divided by the Vietnam War. Life rarely goes according to plan, however, and they soon find themselves juggling love and motherhood with careers and dreams that seem always just out of reach. They cling to their friendship through it all, relying on one another for the wisdom, laughter, and support that sustain them. Spanning nearly thirty years, Miles to Go offers an insightful look at the enduring friendship between two extraordinary women.

This is a book that I started in the eighties, put aside, and then picked it up after getting my first computer. Even so, I then went on to write four other novels before publishing Miles to Go, which came out as my fourth published novel.

I think that my reluctance to release it had to do with it being the one story closest to my heart…except, of course, for the soon-to-be released Web of Tyranny!

On July 24, 2008, “Miles to Go” was featured as Cool Book of the Day at this link:…

Thank you to Laurel-Rain Snow for her approval to be a Guest Blogger as well as the authors interview.  Please be sure to check out her Blogs:

Amazon Authors Page

Reflections Blog

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