How to do the Map and reviews for WHERE Are You Reading Challenge

Where Are You Reading

This page is for those who are doing this challenge and have questions on how to do the map if you wish to do it.  I took the questions from last year and applied them here – so I hope this helps 😀

This post is originally from 2011 and has been updated.  Much of this has to do with the map set up which I no longer do as I do not have the time (although it is cool to look at).  I have left this for those who wish to give it a try but know that you can keep track in any way you wish. 


1.  I am trying to sign up for this but I can’t get the link for my map to work. The link it gives me is the link to where I would go and edit my map. How do I get the link just for the map so that people can just view it?

A:  When you are editing your map in the upper right hand corner there is a button that says “link” and that has the url along with the code to embed it.


2.  I want to sign up but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how you actually linked the photos into the map. I have been playing around with my Google maps with no avail. Any tips?

A:  Lets see…. did you find the edit part where you pull the peg on to the spot on the map?

Place your peg where you want it then click on it

It will open a spot and choose rich text editor

Then click on the picture icon and put in your picture location address (this is where the Picasso site comes in)

Once your picture is in there click on the picture and then click on the link like you would in a blog post

Link the picture with your actual book review post

Be sure when you are done you go to the top of the page and click done and that will hold you marker in place.

Now when you click on the marker it will show the book cover and wen you click on the cover it should link back to your review post.

Hope that helps!

*Also note – you dont have to add the pics, you can put in the titles too and leave it at that 😀


3.  So I started creating my map and for my initial pinpoint I wanted to put the city I live in. When I add the picture though I have to scroll up and down to see the whole thing. How did you get your pictures so big for your pinpoints??

A: I use the picasaweb for my picture uploads for my map. I do not know if that will make a difference but that was what was recommended to me and it seems to work well.


4.  OK, I managed to set up my Google Map and added my first pin, but how do I get a specific link to my map? The address just shows…

A:  In the upper right hand of your map you will see a place where it says: RSS, Print, Send, Link. Click on the link and where it says paste link in email – highlight and copy that. There is your direct link to your map – one note, make sure you like the look of your map (IE> zoom in, zoom out) because however it looks when you grab the link is how it will look when people view it.


5.  I know I must be looking at it but not seeing it, but where on the map is the edit option to add the pins?

A:  Once you create and name your map in the left side area there will be a button that says edit. When you click it at the top of your map it will show the blog peg… grab it and drag it to where you want it to go. By clicking on it will open so you can add your picture and link to the pin – directions to do that are in the comments and in the post


6.  So I have the map embedded into my blog post for this challenge and I can add the pins to enter the name of the book I’m reading, but how do I include the picasa pictures in the map?

A:  You upload your pics to the picasa site:

Once you upload your pics choose the picture you wish to add to your map by clicking on the picture… it will take you to a new screen.

Now right click on the picture and it will give you a list of options. You want to View Image Info.

Copy the image property address and then go to your blue peg on your map…

Clicking on the peg will cause it to open to a post box where you can put in your title author, location – whatever…

then click in the open box the rich text editor. Then click on the little link for a picture.

That will open to a place where you can paste the address.

Do that and your picture is on your map. Now be sure to click save and done in the upper left side next to your map so your peg does not move.

If you wish – while the picture is still open in the post site you can click on it and then click the link button. If your post is already up you can add your posts link to the picture –

Click save and done

Now when people look at your map not only can see the book you read in that are but if they click on it, it will take you to your review of the book


7.  This sounds like a great challenge. I have created my map I just can’t down my picture. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

A:  I use Picasa Web Albums – its easy to load your book covers and then you right click on the cover and get the property location. Copy and then go to your map – place your marker and then choose rich text then click on the pic icon,paste, and save :0 You can even make it linkable to your review!


10 thoughts on “How to do the Map and reviews for WHERE Are You Reading Challenge

    1. Your map link is for your blog – you would use it on your sidebar to click on when you are adding a new location with a book, and you may use it in a post as well.

      The link I am looking for is to your post saying you are doing the challenge. 🙂

      Good question!

  1. I have been trying to add a recent book from what I have read in the last month and I can’t seem to add the image. I have followed the instructions, but can’t seem to get a photo into the post. I am getting really frustrated because I want it to look like yours did from this year. Is there something simpler that gets the same effect as yours?

  2. I need something visual to show me how to do it; I am getting really frustrated, but I really want to do it. Can somebody please help? The written instructions aren’t helping me.

  3. You actually make it appear really easy with your presentation but I in finding this topic
    to be really one thing that I think I might by no means understand.
    It seems too complex and extremely huge for me.
    I’m taking a look forward to your next submit, I will try to get the dangle of it!

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