Book Journey Blog Survey 2012

Occasionally it is fun and interesting to check in with my readers.  By taking a couple minutes and filling out this simple survey (mostly multiple choice) about Book Journey, you help me to know a little bit abut the readers I draw in.  This survey will be live for one week and then I will choose one participant to win a $10 Amazon gift card which will be e-mailed to the winner at the close on the Survey on June 24th.


Thank you in advance – your comments here are much appreciated.

  1. Interesting survey. Would love to see the results.

  2. I wonder what the results will say. Good idea though…maybe I should do one so I can improve my blog…:)

  3. You have some really great questions here, Sheila! I may have to borrow a few of these, if I decide to do a survey … which I’ve been contemplating for my 4th blogiversary. 🙂

  4. I agree!! Great questions!

  5. hmmm your survey is not submitting for me.

  6. Fun survey! I look forward to seeing the results! Not that your blog needs any improving! I am a huge fan and always look forward to reading your posts!

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