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I am by no means a pro on blogology (my word…). I learned as I went along and what I didn’t know I asked others and learned.
Thanks to the kindness of other bloggers, I think I struggled my through and am very willing to pay it forward. If you have any questions, please post them here and if I can help you with an answer I will. There are many bloggers out there that know a lot more than I do, but if I can help I will.

Please note that I have never worked with Blogger – only WordPress, so what I do know is mainly about WordPress.

I will kick this off with a couple of questions I have answered recently.

Q: How do you change the font size on wordpress? It is so small!

A: On your Dashboard for WordPress go into your CSS. The beauty of WordPress is that it is pretty user-friendly. On the CSS look for areas where you can adjust text size. Make one change at a time and then click preview. A new window will open to show the changes that were made and you can either keep that change, or go back to the CSS page and I click on the edit and undo to return what I had last done to the previous code.

Q: How do you change the colors in your blog background?

A: This one was kind of fun. Like the answer above, you go into the CSS page again. This time look for the areas that have color codes. (Usually a set of number maybe a letter or two). To choose new colors there are many places on-line to find the color codes, here is just one example.  Change one code at a time and then use the preview to see if the changes are where you would like them and if the color is right.

When you have made all the changes you want – then save your CSS page and the changes will be made.

Have a question?  Post it here.

8 thoughts on “Ask Bookjourney

  1. I read a book about 8 years ago. It was written by several authors (5 or 6); I’m not sure. It was paperback and a romance novel. It was about a book that was passed from one generation to another. I thought it’s name was Love’s Legacy, as I seem to remember something about legacy in the short stories. I was wondering if you could help me track it down. Thank you!

  2. Sheila,

    I see that a few years ago you reviewed my book Wisdom Hunter. I have recently released my fourth novel. The title of the book is Forgotten Road. You can preview it, along with the trailer, on my website

    If I send you a complimentary copy of the book, would you consider reading it? If you found it to be inspirational, would you consider recommending it on your website and your Facebook page?

    If so, to which address do I send the book?


    1. Randall, I would love to read and review your fourth book. I red all your books and watched your site for more for about a year after hoping to see more books coming. Your books are ones I recommend often.

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