Morning Meanderings… Encanto… Why Didn’t Mirabel Get Her Gift

Good morning. *Insert COFFEE here*

I’m going off the beaten path this morning to talk about Encanto, one of Disney’s delightful movies. I had the opportunity to see this one in the theater, and then again more recently at home.
I loved it just as much the second time.

I won’t bore you with details – you probably know about the movie and that each one of the Madrigal family remembers receives a magical gift once they turn a certain age. Some of the gifts are more useful than others – but hey, it’s the luck of the draw… or in this case, it’s the turn of a knob.

The storyline centers around Mirabel, who, when it is her turn to receive her gift… nothing happened.


Don’t worry – the movie plays on and all is wonderfully well in the end. The question of course is, why didn’t Mirabel receive her gift like all the others in her family?
I am certain there are a gazillion theories as people dig into the clues and fun easter eggs that Disney is so great at tossing into their moves for those who like to level up. I have a thought and I am curious what your thoughts are as well.

*Spoiler Alert*
If you have not watched the movie – we are going into spoiler territory.
My thoughts on Mirabel in a nutshell….

she was the gift.

While the others all received a specific gift, I feel that Mirabel was meant to be the one to carry on after her Grandmother no longer can. Of all of her family, members she is the one who appears to be more carrying of others, more grounded, and accepting. A simple door to a room was not a big enough gift for her –
and the house knew it.


I could be completely off.

That’s my thoughts…. if you have seen it, what are your thoughts on Mirabel’s delayed gift?
(If you haven’t seen I recommend that you do!)

8 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Encanto… Why Didn’t Mirabel Get Her Gift

  1. I agree with your theory. I thought the same thing when I watched the movie. She was the most in tuned with the house and the community.

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