Summer Discussion Reads!

Tonight, at 6 pm Central time LIVE on the Books Burgers and Brews Facebook Page, Laurel from the Brainerd Public Library and I will be talking about a few Summer Reads that would make for good discussion. We are doing this to choose what we will read in June and July for Books Burgers and Brews.
All are welcome to join in and add to your own reading list. We will be offering a few giveaways as well.

I can not give a hint because we have not announced yet, but I am pretty excited about what we have come up with. Pop in if you can and say hi!

Do the book you choose to read change depending on the time of year?

10 thoughts on “Summer Discussion Reads!

  1. I like the BBB name of your club.
    No, the time of year does not really influence what I read because that stuff is usually not season specific. I do watch more Christmas-y movies in December, and winter movies in winter, but that is not a conscious choice. It’s just what plays.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts on this! I feel I will take on a larger, deeper book over the fall/winter months when I am more apt to curl up with a blanket and really dive into a book. Summer for me tends to lean towards lighter books – often something fun to read,

  2. I used to take on BIG Russian books every summer. Last year, I did the “great summer re-read”where I read through my physical books. This year, that may have a Part 2 as I didn’t do HP, Twilight or the entire 9 volume “Tales of the City”, some of which I own but have never read.

    Already down 100 books this year and upped my goal to 250

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