Now That You Mention It by Kristan Higgins

It’s been a while since I book made me literally laugh out loud. I did that several times while listening to this joyful, fun read. ~Sheila

Boston Medical Specialist Nora Stuart knows all about set backs. After a freak accident puts her in the hospital and hovering near death in her hospital bed, she overhears her boyfriend hit on another doctor.

Wait. What?

On a leave of absence to take time to recover from both of these blows, Nora heads back to her home town in Maine to recharge and reconnect to a place that didn’t exactly embrace her 15 years ago. Hashtag #TheOtherDaughter. Reconnecting with her hardened mother and an angst filled niece who stays with her grandmother while her own mom/ Nora’s sister sits in a Women’s Correctional Facility.

Well, if you are going to do it. Do it BIG.

“I was hit by a car, and according to the Hallmark Channel, I’m supposed to come home.”

“I opened the night table drawer and closed it fast. Okay, then. Mom still had womanly needs. Good for her. I’d get some eye bleach and erase that memory, stat.”

“the harsh world of junior high, where cliques were carved in stone, and cafeteria seating was more complex than the British peerage”

Kristan Higgins is an author that every time I read her… I wonder why I don’t do that more. I purchased this book on audio during the Audible sale. It’s always nice to have feel good not overly hard reads in my arsenal at all times. These are books that I turn to when I need a mind break or something good to wrap my head and heart around during intense calendar times in my life (and that is completely another topic). By no means do I mean to make light of Higgins books. They are from my experience quite wonderful and I want to gush a little on this one.

First up. Xe Sands as the narrator was spot on. The perfect voice for this read. She brought the words to life and hit just the right tone for the many “punny” moments in this books and quick wit responses in dialogue that I so love.

Secondly… and honestly maybe even a second firsty… the Harry Potter references sprinkled within did this girls heart good. Kristan Hannah I have to know… are you a Harry Potter fan? I think you are. I LOVED it.

Third. There were several laugh out loud moments and that does not happen often. Event this morning as I finished this listen, shortly after I had awoken and in the bathroom washing my face with half open eyes I burst out into very not me at the moment of waking laughter. Honestly, I think I want a sequel.

That all said, the book is more than punny moments, quick whit, and just the right sprinkle of teenage sarcasm. Its also a legit story of family, relationships, and some serious fear as well. Higgins put together a cast of likeable characters that felt three-dimensional. As in, yes I would go visit them in Maine and wouldn’t mind hanging out with Nora and Poe.
Just waiting for my invite….

Loved it. Recommend this book to those who love a good story, a good mix of humor, and of course…. Harry Potter.

12 thoughts on “Now That You Mention It by Kristan Higgins

  1. I loved this one, too, which reminds me that I have one or two other books by the author “languishing” on my Kindle. Thanks for sharing. I loved the comments about things that made you laugh.

  2. Loved it too, now i want to reread by listening to it. This is the one with the bird isn’t it! Took me a long time to get that out of my head.

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