Morning Meanderings… Books In The Mail

I love Sundays. They are usually low-to-no-commitment days. Mainly meaning that if a dawdle a little longer with my coffee that is ok. Hanging out in the house making a small plan for my day – dropping off a check up town, considering snowshoeing later this morning, afternoon planning something tasty for dinner and diving into the Book Club book for this coming Tuesdays discussion.

This week two books arrived in my home that I am pretty excited about.

A Gentleman’s Murder by Christopher Huang: This looks to be a 1924 mystery involving a prestigious club and a dead man found in a vault with a letter opener to the neck… Lieutenant Eric Peterkin is the right man for the case.
Why am I intrigued? My friend Ryan chose this book as his First Book of the year. I have through the years picked many books that were first brought to my attention by Ryan. The fact that this was the first book of the year only adds to my desire to give it a try.

The Next Wife by Kaira Rouda: As stated on the back of the book, there are no limits to the lies, suspicion, and secrets that can poison the perfect marriage… The book is centered around Kate Nelson who is happily married to John and they have a wonderful daughter Ashlyn. They seem like the perfect family until John leaves Kate for a younger woman, Tish.
Tish is youthful, ambitious and goes after what she wants and almost always gets what she wants. Now she has John. But does she? Kate didn’t just go away as Trish had thought she would. Now Tish has suspicions of John’s infidelity and it centered around his ex-wife.
Neither woman sees what is about to come next.
Why am I intrigued? Author Kaira Rouda has blown me away more than once. In fact, her book Best Day Ever was my choice as First Book in 2018 and I was thrilled with my selection.

There you have it. I am listening to The Wrong Family by Tarryn Fisher on Audio. Jury is still out on this one…

Enjoy your Sunday!

11 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Books In The Mail

  1. Oh, yes, a perfect day! And thanks for the heads-up on The Next Wife. I thought I had already read that one, but no, it was another book with “wife” in the title. (Last Wife, I think, lol).

    I like Kaira Rouda, too.

    I am also reading The Wrong Family. I haven’t decided about it yet, either.

    1. Yes, there are a lot of “Wife” title books… seems like a while back it was all about “Daughters”. The Next Wife I believe will be released in May – I want to wait until closer to the release date… but don’t think I can 🙂

  2. I love Sundays as well. My kids don’t understand the beauty in silence and pausing lol. I just ordered a few books last night. Beast Boy by Kami Garcia for my daughter, Becoming: A guided journal For Discovering Your Voice by Michelle Obama, and a cookbook by my favorite chef, Ree Drummond AKA The Pioneer Woman. Happy reading!

    1. I read it in 2018 and my book club read it this Summer so I have revisited it a couple of times. It’s always fun to see what a group thinks of a read so comparing my original opinion on the book with my book clubs was fun. I like it when someone pulls something out of a book that I may not have picked up on.

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