First Book Origin and Update

Good Morning! Well, morning in Minnesota anyway. I have my COFFEE and still basking off what a great first day of the year I had. I feel good. I hope you do as well. Every year First Book energizes me and this year – if you took part in it – congratulations, you were part of a record breaking year. We had 134 entrees sent in! Well…133. The Harry Potter book; I noticed a friend posting about as her first read – and well…. it is Harry Potter after all so I asked her if I could add it. I solicited that one. Anyhoo… congratulations. What you are seeing above is the pics that came in yesterday after I made the BIG post. To see them all in their glory as well as all the 13 Authors mixed among them, check out yesterdays post.

This is First Books 8th year as being part of this blog. First Book for me started much longer ago. I was thinking about it yesterday and I would say possibly 30 years. Long before I did this (or even knew what a blog was), I was a big reader. For some reason, the first book of the year was always a special decision. It was after all, the book that often brought me into the New Year and that felt like it kicked off my bookish year. When I did start this blog in 2009 (Can you even believe it????) I still was doing First Book solo, but in those early days of working with publishing houses and authors and often reading on their agenda not mine – First Book became me guilty pleasure book. It was the book I chose because it was what I wanted to. It could be a re- read of a favorite, one I had been waiting to read, whatever it was – it was just for me.

Fun Fact – in the early days of my personal First Book – my first book of the year every year was a True Crime. Honestly. I know that may sound a little creepy, but that is what I picked every year as my one true crime book of the year.

This year, I chose The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. This is also my book club’s pick for January. I did not pick it because it is the Book Club book as well. I picked it because I am genuinely excited to dig into this book. From what I have heard, it is exactly what I love…. a little bit of magical fantasy and a whole lot of what if’s. I am all in.

I was going to talk to you about my word for the year as well today, however I don’t wish to ramble and that can wait until tomorrow.

Happy reading all!

14 thoughts on “First Book Origin and Update

  1. I remember meeting you on your blog in 2009 and being amazed at how much fun blogging could be! You showed me how to work with WordPress, as I had moved over from Blogger. Now, of course, WP has gone through some changes that frustrated me at first…but I’m getting into them. And even liking some of the features.

    I love the First Book event…and One Word. I did both yesterday, but in two separate posts.

    Enjoy the week and the New Year!

    1. Awe thanks, Laurel! It’s actually fun to read the early posts. I had no idea what I was doing and I was way more structured than I am now. I asked a ton of questions so I could learn and the blogging community was so greta to help me out πŸ™‚

  2. I love that you’ve been doing First Book for 30 years. I’ve finished my 2021 first book and hope that it does indeed set the tone for 2021 as I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  3. Having just made the jump from Blogger to WP, I’ve been reflecting on the blogging traditions that have made up my 11 years of blogging so far, as well as the reading traditions that I’ve enjoyed before that (I used to reread Pride and Prejudice every January during our summer school holidays. It was my way of reconciling myself to the start of a new teaching year by touching base with a favourite).
    I’ve been thinking about my one word too. It’s two years since I took on LETTING GO. It may be time for a change….

  4. This is my favorite way to start the year! Every year it was always such a big deal to choose just the right book to start off the year with so when I found your post I was so thrilled. It is so fun to see everyone’s choices.

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