Morning Meanderings.. Pretty Real Thanksgiving.

Good morning Day-After-Thankgivingers. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I actually did. COVID changed our plans slightly, we usually go to my son’s home for his Friendsgiving event at his house and have done this since Justin’s accident in 2015 as I have had no desire whatsoever to make a traditional Thanksgiving meal or have a traditional Thanksgiving.

COVID called check-mate on that.

Certainly, I could have still changed it up… Chinese food sounded wonderful, even pizzas and a good movie…. Al had other plans. He decided that we were having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and he was doing the cooking.

Yes. Stop the presses.

So here was my dilemma…. I could certainly tell him no I wasn’t up to it and go with my other thoughts of anything-but-a-turkey. Of course doing so felt awful, like I would be crushing him just because I struggle with post-Justin traditions. Of course, I went with his plan.

It all went well. I started my day with the annual Turkey Trot 5k that was cancelled, and I did it anyway on my own – well with my dog. It’s good for me to start any holiday with a plan that makes me do something. After the chilly walk, I came home to make homemade stuffing and a corn pudding side dish, the rest was all Al. We had turkey (of course), cranberries, dinner rolls, stuffing, cottage cheese, corn pudding ( it was ok but I would tweak it if I were to ever do it again) and Cheesecake for dessert.

Prior to eating I threw the traditional pie in my son’s Brad face so at least I was able to see him for a bit on Thanksgiving and have a few laughs. In fact thinking about it today – I think yesterday was the first year I did not cry on Thanksgiving in 6 years… and honestly THAT makes me want to cry.

I worked on a puzzle, watched a movie with Al (I See You – it was kind of weird and meh) and listened to my audio book, Ready Player Two while cooking.

I decided that the Traditional Thanksgiving 5k has been such a good thing for me throughout the years that I should make a commitment to do one every day during what is the hardest time of the year for me… so that is that plan, a 5k a day from now through Christmas. I like the idea of the challenge. I like that it excites me and has me planning on how to maneuver it through days that I am working or otherwise committed yet I know it is doable. If interested, I welcome you to join me from wherever you are. You can complete the 3.2 miles however you would like – walk, run, dance… treadmill, elliptical… doesn’t matter – you are moving and making a good positive decision for yourself.

If you are interested – let me know in the comments.
Have an awesome day all! How was your Thanksgiving?

8 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings.. Pretty Real Thanksgiving.

  1. Hey Sheila, First of all, huge kudos to you for the progress you’ve made in these past 6 years. The fact that you could even think about anything close to traditional yesterday is a huge step and you need to give yourself a ton of credit for that!! That’s just my 2 cents worth!! I think I told you once before I’ve been following you since the beginning and have taken advantage of your book suggestions, always being pleasantly surprised!! Now it’s my turn to hopefully pass on a good read to you. She is a new-to-me author and after reading this first one, I have already ordered a second!! Yes, it was that good! If you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend Because You’re Mine by Rea Frey. Partway through I had what I thought was an “ah-ha” moment where I had it figured out….boy, was I wrong!! Kept me guessing right to the last page! I look forward to hearing what your thoughts are. And thanks for doing Morning Meanderings again…always a bright spot in my day! Take care my friend, Lannie

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    1. Hi Lannie, thank you for your kind words! Seriously, thank you. The day before Thanksgiving I was crabby about it – I felt I was pushed into having a traditional Thanksgiving and I wasn’t happy about it. I had to remind myself that I have had the luxury of not having to do the traditions due to circumstance (no little kids around, no one to have to do it for, and not ever having been a part of the big Thanksgiving celebrations even before… it actually turned out good and I am sure my son is cheering me on for even these silly baby steps.
      Thanks for the recommendation – it sounds good and I will check it out!

  2. The holidays can be hard in general when you’ve lost a loved one of course, but add a pandemic to the mix and you’ve got a very strange day. I was so out of it all day long. The food was traditional for us and I cook it every year but I was not into it at all. The next day’s leftovers were good but that was that. I was all turkeyed out after two servings. And for some reason, I made SO many pies. I do not have a sweet tooth but eventually the pies were eaten by the rest of the fam. Just a weird, low level vibe all day long and it’s still with me. Can’t seem to shake it.

    1. Hi Ti,
      I hear you. I like the holidays to be over fast – that’s just me. Unfortunately, I look at them as something I need to do and I do what I must, and then it’s over and I am relieved. Crazy times for sure. Be well, my friend.

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