Morning Meanderings… Sunday Non-Plan

“No commitment” days are my favorite. You know, the days that you are doing only what you decide to do. No going to work, or having to go somewhere, no must accomplishes on the list… its a day just for me and I covet them. An overfull schedule of “to do’s” zaps me of all energy.

I need days like this to reset. It means I may stay in my soft comfy leggings all day (oh who am I kidding – I am absolutely staying in them all day!) It means, coffee or tea or both. Reading, relaxing, comfy chair, possibly a nap… its all up to me.

Best days….

So what is my non-plan? I want to write reviews for the books I have read recently. I love sharing book stuff. I have a few things I want to do for the Friends of the Brainerd Public Library website, write a newsletter and finish listening to Diane Chamberlain’s Big Lies In A Small Town.
I may cook later, but I may also just have leftovers and call it good. I don’t think I will leave the house today and the introvert in me rejoices. 😀

Best part is … a day like this and the energy returns. My ideas start flowing and in some sort of magical way I refill my depleted soul and I am ready to pick up my sword again.

What do you do with your commitment days?

6 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Sunday Non-Plan

  1. I call days like that “recharging my batteries,” and I savor them! I have begun to hate anything scheduled, but curling up and soaking in the books, viewing, and just dreaming…these activities do help so much.


  2. These days I take my commitment days a day at a time. I can’t look down the road or it seems overwhelming. Love my recharging days when they pop up! I hope you enjoy yours, Sheila.

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