Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer

Just as good as I thought it would be! ~Sheila

Admittedly, I am a Twilight Junky. I absolutely ADORED all the books… and yes, the movies too. I don’t know what if it was the combination of a Young Adult read (which I love!), with the combo of a magical force (oooh! Double love!) in this case Vampires and Werewolves… but there you have it. I loved it all. I couldn’t get enough.

That said, I was cautiously optimistic when I heard about this book. On one hand SUPER EXCITED that after all this time another book was here and this time from Edward’s perspective – yet we have all experienced the case where someone tries to make lightning strike twice in books and/or movies and in the long run, you wish they would have left well enough alone. #StayOnTop

I am happy to say, I really enjoyed this revisit to Forks, Washington. I mean yeah its a little cooler than I like and the sun doesn’t shine too bright, but I do have friends there. I am still unsure if my love for this book was the feel good feeling of having the chance to be back in that world, or if I really enjoyed it for the story. The world – may never know. Bottom line for me is, who cares. I listened to this on audio and enjoyed the comfy familiarity of the setting. I did enjoy hearing Edwards side of the same story I knew from Twilight, yet from his perspective – his thoughts as he went from loathing Bella, to trying to fight his love for her – the need to be with her always.

Good stuff. IMO.

Twilight Fans, I would love to know your take on this read? Did you have the experience I did, where I kind of hope the whole series is continued this way… or was it just too much like the first book and basically a re-read of a book you may already have on your shelf?

5 thoughts on “Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer

  1. This is definitely on my “gotta get a used copy” list. I loved the books…the movies are….so so

  2. I really liked the book. It’s a perfect companion to Twilight. I loved all his overthinking, because, who hasn’t overthought everything?

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