And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

I do love a spooky book, a little old school mystery – “A Who Done It” that keeps me guessing and turning the pages. In, And Then There Were None, I found all of this and more. ~Sheila

There is much to love about an Agatha Christie book. Once I had a chance to sit down and read this one, I have to question what took me so long. This book has so many elements I love in a good mystery and I am in awe that this book was originally published in 1939, yet was able to grip me yet today.

I suspect many of you are familiar with the story – The synopsis is that 10 strangers receive an invite to a mansion. Each guest has a reason to go based off what the invitation says. Intrigued (who wouldn’t be?), this motley crew of people from all walks of life wind up at the remote location near Britain’s Devon Coast. Separated from the world, and welcomed by the newly hired servants who also have not met the host, the group is assigned their rooms. In little time, a murder happens,, strange things follow and one by one… the guests are removed… one way or another.

I read this quickly like a great ghost story. I enjoyed the dialogue between the guests, the visual of the old mansion, cool and creepy with dark corners and unknown corridors…. I absolutely loved it. This is a perfect read for fall – when it feels just a little too cool to be outside and a hot cup of tea and a comfy blanket are in order.

I highly recommend you read this book. Not only because of the author, or because it is a banned book, but also because it is a really good read.

Thank you to my friend Ryan who gave me this book a few weeks ago. I love it when a friend hands me a story. It is like the gift of adventure.

8 thoughts on “And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

  1. I have several unread Agatha Christie mysteries on my shelves – perfect October reading.

    Sheila, I am so happy you stopped by and commented as somehow you fell off my blog list and I did enjoy your posts. Back on you are- hope all is well.

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