Lying Close by Frank Weber

I love to explore different genres! You never know what you may find, and as in this case… you sometimes find a diamond and are richer by doing so. ~Sheila

In Weber’s latest creation, Lying Close takes you through my back yard of rural Minnesota. Toss in a crime with a smorgasbord of intriguing characters, an accident, a break in and a missing child, and you have a book that will keep you talking about it long after you turn the last page.

Seriously. Find a cozy chair, your favorite snack and beverage and settle it.

Lying Close is the 4th novel by Weber that features his Investigator protagonist, Jon Frederick – however do not let that be a deterrent. You can pick up any one of the book as a read alone (but trust me if you read one, there is a strong possibility you will want to read them all). The smattering of recurring characters are realistic with flaws and baggage and the new ones you meet fit right into that same vein.

I enjoy reading books that take me a different direction from where thought I was going. It’s refreshing to find a read that breaks out of the cookie cutter mold – and that is what I found here. Weber has a way of pulling from actual current events and weaves them in the pages in such a way you will feel that you are a witness on the scene. This is truly a gift.

I hope you take the time to read Lying Close and if you do, I would love to know what you thought. Always up for discussing here, or if you are in my corner of Minnesota, lets do coffee.

Frank Weber is a forensic psychologist who has completed assessments for homicide, sexual assault, and domestic abuse cases. His work has ranged from assessing murderers chained to the cement floor in the basement of a prison and assessing psychopaths to providing therapy for wealthy professionals who’ve engaged in multiple affairs. He has testified as an expert witness in numerous sexual assault and homicide cases, written seven different treatment workbooks, and in 2015 published a training series for psychologists which has been accredited by the MN Board of Psychology. He has received the President’s Award from the Minnesota Correctional Association for his forensic work, and recently received an award for excellence in his clinical work. Frank Weber has used his unique understanding of how predator’s think, victim trauma, and actual court cases to create a thrilling mystery.

11 thoughts on “Lying Close by Frank Weber

  1. Thanks Sheila!!!!! Thank you for reading the manuscript in the big black binder and writing this fantastic review!!! Hope to see you Saturday night at Roundhouse!

  2. …just wondering…were the recipes etc sent out from the Wine & Words and Book Brunch? If so I did not receive them. Thanks

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