Morning Meandering… In the mood to write


So question…
Do you ever have this almost constant dialogue going on in your head, like if you would take the time to write it down you may actually have something? Or is that just me?

Lately, I find myself thinking about things to write – like oh, reviewing that food service would be interesting… or I should really write about these crazy times,  or such as this morning, I wonder who else has a washing masks system?

So yeah… here I am once again on this site that has been around since 2009 (that alone blows me away). At times it has been overused, the last 5 years it’s probably safe to say it has been underused… yet I don’t let it go. I don’t want to lose this record of my life from the early years of talking talking TALKING books – to my absolute worst life moments in 2015.

So… I’m Back.
I think.
Once a writer, always a writer.

And that part about mask washing.. well that is true.  And it’s probably true for you too.

For me it goes like this.  Hand wash in the sink in hot soapy water -so hot I almost can not put my hands in that water.  Then scrub, rinse and I could air dry… but honestly, my head thinks the dryer is better to kill anything – so the dryer it is.  Now they are ready to go for my adventures to the grocery store or wherever I need to be in public spaces.

Other than that my Sunday has so far, dishes, laundry, sorting mail, paying bills, cleaning up the kitchen table which tends to be a catch-all and updating this blog… again.  I hope to start catching up on my book reviewing, read a little and if it warms up outside, start mowing the lawn while listening to my audio, Year One.  And oh my word – have you listened to or read this one?  Its been on my shelf for years and with everything going on now thought I would start it and – WHOA.  I am enjoying it but WHOA.  It’s about a pandemic, starts out like the flu, spreads human to human…  yeah.

So that’s the plan.  I’m curious if you are wearing masks, how are you caring for yours?


27 thoughts on “Morning Meandering… In the mood to write

  1. Writing ANYTHING is a win right now! As to the mask, I haven’t been out of the house in 2 months except for wilderness walks (husband is shopper)!! I look forward to getting my first fabric mask Tuesday – thanks for the washing tips! =)

    1. LOL I agree about the writing. I just love the conversations here 🙂
      2 months wow!!! I have been out in my small circle – my office, where I work alone, occasionally in meetings or projects with the same small core group of people I work with – and then home. 🙂

  2. I handwash every night, hang up to air dry and then iron them because after I wring the excess water out of them they get pretty wrinkly. Then every Sunday when I do laundry I toss them all in for a good washing and drying.

  3. Yep, I have a system too. Hand wash like you, but I have been letting them air dry so the pleats stay better. Although I suppose I could iron them a bit if I tossed them in the dryer!

  4. Masks? yep…a pink one, 2 gaiters and another one on order. Wash the gaiters [a gaiter is a cloth tube that looks like a close scarf and it brought up to cover your mouth and nose. Mine says “Stay positive Syracuse”, They get hand washed in cold water according to tag directions with my compression sox and hung over the shower bar. There’s one coming that says PEACE and I’ll wash it as directed.

    We choose to wear masks in a building where kids and teens ignore the mandates. They just don’t understand when we step away. We are both old with pre-existing conditions. I wish people weren’t so ignorant.

    1. Cool! Thanks for defining gaiter 😀 I would love to get some more custom ones! I saw some online that said Minnesota Nice and had the Duck Duck Gray Duck but the site looked “iffy” so I didn’t order. A Harry Potter one would make my week! 😀

  5. I have been eyeing Year One, but I don’t know that I could read it right now. I can relate to writing about how the Pandemic is taking us down, and how we are hanging in there in isolation.

    I definitely remember 2009 and how this blog was one I visited regularly. I am glad you are back with your Meanderings. I like counting on some things being there in the mornings.

    Pretty blog header, too!

    Enjoy your week and stay safe!

    1. I was wondering the same thing Laurel so I entered into it cautiously, so far I am in the early part of the book and it moves rather rapidly – so we will see 😉
      And thanks for the welcome. It seems like I start and stop these days and I am so hoping I can be more consistent. There is so much going on in the world and I just want to talk about something else so this might be a little safe haven.
      And thank you about the header – Flowers from a friend and my favorite coffee cup 🙂

      Be well!

  6. After wearing the mask, I “air it out” in the garage. I know that makes zero scientific or logical sense but then again, what does in all of this, right? 😉 Then, when it’s time to wash them, they go in the washer with hot water. Air dry, hang up in the laundry room, and they’re ready to go.

    Glad to have you back writing. After I’ve had a bit of a blogging break, I’ve found sometimes that shorter posts are the way to ease back into things.

    1. LOL I like how you said it makes zero sense but what really does? SO true so true 😀 I recently reviewed a book for a local author that I am pretty excited to review and even gave him a blurb for his website under Book Journey… made me think about how it was kind of crickets over here… and honestly it’s so nice to just talk about stuff… life stuff and get out of the heaviness of all the other.

  7. I made some masks for us but it’s my husband who has worn his two, fun fabric ones. The first one I made I just put in a lingerie bag and washed it with his clothes.

  8. Welcome back to what I hope will be regular blogging again, since I like to read what you have to say. I throw my cloth masks in with the laundry, both washer and dryer, not worrying about how it looks afterward because I mostly don’t go anywhere except down the elevator in my retirement center to get the mail. On that short errand, I rarely run into anybody else, and we are careful to keep social distance apart. Since we are elderly (I’m 80, as of April), most of my neighbors and I stay home. I’ve been using Instacart for groceries and cat food. I’d rather do my own shopping, but not right now.

    1. Awe hey Bonnie! So good to see you here! I am using Walmart pick up for the first time tomorrow… we will see how that goes 🙂 I ordered today however they could not take any more pick up so tomorrow it is 🙂 It was nothing pressing, just wanted to see how it works since many friends have raved about how easy it is.

      1. It is easy. I’m not completely pleased with Instacart, though I consider it very necessary right now. So I’ll keep using it, unless something better comes along before I feel safe to go shopping myself. Stay well.

  9. Good to see you! 🙂

    As for masks, we just toss our cotton ones directly in the washer after use, and then they got through wash/dry like normal clothes. For my Buff masks, I put them in a garment bag and wash them like normal, but then air dry them as the dryer would kill it, heh. 😀

  10. The last time I got the urge to write, it was for a screenplay idea I had back in January about how people were forced to eat at home again, and if they could in fact do that but the one sticker I kept running into was what could cause people to do that? This was before we really knew much about COVID. Yeah, I am not coming up with writing ideas anymore.

  11. I usually put them in the washing machine then air dry. Sometimes if I need one for the next day, I will just spray it down with lysol

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