First Book of The Year 2020


Here we go – year 7.   I am THRILLED to continue this tradition, even when I don’t stay as well connected as I once did on this space. Thank you to those who have messaged me to ask if I will be doing it again.

The answer is…

Of course we are doing it.

My life has changed quite a bit.  Now working as a Full-Time Event/Promotions coordinator, and involved in a few non-profits, I don’t have the reading time or writing time that I used to.  I do write a bit at I Guess I Am Doing This (also a work in process… but I am not giving up.)

So what is First Book?  First Book to me, is that first book you plan on reading for the New Year.  It can be a long-coveted read you have not had time for, a guilty pleasure read like a re-read of a favorite…  really it can be anything – it is, after all, YOUR First Book.

Make it AWESOME.

Then, once you have picked what it will be, email/ Facebook message me a picture of you with the book (send it to  This adds to the excitement of the First Book.  You have between now and December 31st to send in your choice.  On January 1st I will post all the pics in a collage format of all of you around the world that are doing First Book.  I do hope you will join me – friends, family, fellow book lovers, a friend of a friend of a friend… this event each year and your willingness to do this with me makes my heart smile.  🙂
Here is some (yes some)  of what came in last year:

PicMonkey Image

PicMonkey Image 2

PicMonkey Image 3

PicMonkey Image 4

PicMonkey Image 5

PicMonkey Image 6

PicMonkey Image 6

picmonkey image 7

Remember – this should be the first book you plan to be reading into the New Year.  Yes, you can start it New Year’s Eve. :p  You can send the picture ( anytime between now and December 31st so I can prep the collage.  Thanks, everyone… having this project to work on makes the New Year fun.

30 thoughts on “First Book of The Year 2020

  1. I am so happy to read this! I already have my book, and was just about to ask you if you would be doing the event. But of course you’re doing it!

    I like the new look of your blog!

    Enjoy December.

  2. Great and happy to hear you are doing it again. Can’t believe this is the 7th year. Also great to know life is so full for you. Now to put on my pondering cap for that first book!!

  3. I’ve already picked out my first book of the year! I’m debating on whether or not to find a hard copy or just check out the library’s Kindle version.

  4. I hope to participate this year, and maybe I can make my mom, husband and daughter join in again like I did that one year. 🙂 I just have to decide which book it will be! Thanks as always for hosting, Sheila!

  5. Love participating in this every year! My life has changed quite a bit too, retired and so busy that reading is a luxury now. But love to join everyone in the anticipation of the years first read! Thanks for hosting this once more!

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