Morning Meanderings… I wish I had Book Pics By The Pool

It’s Sunday Morning.  I returned in the very early morning hours this past Friday from 10 glorious days in St Lucia.  It was sun, and fun, food, laughter, tears (of course), and friends.  It took me from running in 26 below weather on January 1st in the Polar dash, to basking in Sunshine and rocking the sunglasses on January 16th:

I read….  oh I read.  I read Interview With The Vampire and Still Me.  Both books I have talked about recently here.  I normally love to show where I read a book, but alas… due to a brain fart by me, I sat my phone in the sand of St Lucia to pose for a picture my friend was taking and the water came up and saltwater soaked it.  Yes…  day 5 of the 10 in St Lucia… I was phone-less… which meant I was camera-less as well.  *insert sigh here*

Turns out…. one can live without their phone.  Who knew?  I was still able to read (HUZZAH!) and bask in the sun (HUZZAH!) and zip line and dune buggy ride and be on a boat and feel sand between my toes. I was able to  eat great food, swim, and play games with the entertainment staff.  Thanks to my friend Wendy, I do have pictures she sent me from her phone.
It is of course, good to be home.  While Minnesota is not exactly sunny these days, and I have no desire to feel snow between my toes…  it is home.  It is comfort, and dogs, cozy blankets, and my library of books at my finger tips.  It is also – trying to create a schedule for myself that is not overwhelming, but exciting – it is new opportunities that astound me as I dreamed it, I hoped it, I prayed it – and now it is coming true larger than I could have imagined, faster than anticipated after a long wait… and now yeah….

but that is a story for another day.

Fellow readers, what are you reading?  Where are you reading?  And what is happening these final days of January 2018?

23 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… I wish I had Book Pics By The Pool

  1. How great that you had sun and fun…even without your phone. I would love to go to the beach soon…I haven’t been since April 2017!

    I like your hair…and you are rockin’ those sunglasses.

    Enjoy the week…I finished The Great Alone, by Kristin Hannah, this past week, a book set in Alaska shortly after the Vietnam War.

  2. Your vacation sounds like so much fun, but sorry about your phone though. I’m still reading my 1st book of the year, The Reminders. I don’t know what the matter is. I like the book a lot but I just don’t pick it up as often as I should. This morning I started listening to Best Day Ever.

    I see you’re reading Turtles All The Way Down. I listened to that and loved it!

  3. Glad you had a good time! So nice to have a relaxing vacation. Sorry about your phone, but that would probably be good for many of us – for a few days at least. Have a good week!

  4. I’m reading Jupiter Travels, the bible of motorbike travel writing in the 1970’s. 50,000 miles over 4 years. It is sweltering in Australia at the moment. Even our little island of Tasmania is near 100 degrees F (37C). We seldom have these temps. Getting ready to view the Super/Blood/Blue/Lunar Eclipse tonight but rain finally forecast so might be cloudy. That’s life for the day down here.

  5. I am so glad you got away from the cold for a chunk of time! Here in Montecito (Santa Barbara) we are working back to normal. Still no water, but we have the other utilities post mudslide/debris flow. It’s all been a little crazy so I haven’t been reading as much as usual.

  6. A cozy mystery set in a library, Death Overdue by Allison Brook and Promise Not to Tell by Jayne Ann Krentz

  7. Welcome home! A break from the winter weather sounds heavenly. I am glad you were able to enjoy yourself, thaw out a bit, and discover that life continues without your phone!

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