The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand

There are some constants in life that you can cause you to breathe a little easier because you know they are there.. or they are coming.  Elin Hildebrand’s book releases are on of these constants.  She is consistently good in her writing, and consistent in putting out a book a year just as I am craving a little of that Nantucket sand between my toes.  ~Sheila


Harper Frost is that laid back girl next door with a beer chaser.   She has her own style and it is casual.  She doesn’t care what anyone thinks.  She tends to leap… and suffer the consequences later.  She is typically in between jobs and that is ok.

Tabitha Frost is dignified.  She wear only designer clothes and is much like her fashion icon mother, Eleanor Roxie Frost.  Appearance – is everything.  Tabitha’s teenage daughter Ainsley, begs to differ.  She is abrasive to her mother in full on teen rebellion…  what she needs, well what she needs is a dose of Harper – Tabitha’s identical twin.

The sisters, have lived on islands 11 miles apart yet have not connected in over a decade.  As their lives are splintering, the twins call a truce to see what they can do to fix things before it is all too late.  By switching places can they repair the damage done by lies, deception and gossip?  And is there any hope that what threw the sisters apart all those years ago can be repaired?

MMMMM  I love me some Hilderbrand.  Her books tend to be of the Nantucket persuasion which I love.  A little of knowing what you are going to get, at least setting wise… but there is so much more.

Harper and Tabitha are well-developed characters and I enjoyed this story line so much.  Hilderbrand does a nice job of fully developing the story lines of their worlds separately as well as together.  I love love LOVED Eleanor.  If you have not tried Elin Hilderbrand, I recommend highly that you do.  There are some delightful laugh out loud moments here, as well as a wonderful story of sibling rivalry, family secrets, and well.. basically a typical family trying to make it work.

12 thoughts on “The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand

  1. It almost sounds inspired by The Parent Trap, with the switching places and everything, but it sounds fantastic. I love these sorts of books. Great review!

  2. I’ve seen her books at the library, but have never tried her. Do you have a favorite? ‘Cause if you do, maybe I’ll start with that one. Great review! 🙂

  3. I really do love a good Hilderbrand story. I read a few of her books back to back (to back) last summer and really enjoyed them! I added this one in one of my BOTM boxes but just haven’t gotten to it yet…I also saw that she has a winter one that I am pretty intrigued by.

    Awesome post :]

  4. I’ve liked this author’s book that I’ve read, though I’ve not read all of them. I remember seeing this one and thinking it would be fun. There was another book about adult twins that switched places that I read a long time ago – can’t recall the author or title. It took a dark turn as one of them was killed and then the other was stuck in her sister’s life or so it seemed. Thanks for sharing about it!

  5. You know, I love the setting of her novels but I have tried to read at least two and within a matter of a few pages I just can’t bring myself to continue. I don’t always need deeply conflicted characters or complex story lines but I need substance and I don’t seem to get them from her books. She’s so popular though.

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