Morning Meanderings… A Week Of Experiences

A week in!  Anyone else feel like a rock star?  Or just amazed that the first week of 2018 is coming to a close.  I am a mixed bag of both 🙂

This week for me was a little crazy…  I accepted a position (YAY!!!) that takes me out of my office at home a little more and into the world of marketing which I LOVE LOVE LOVE – yet it is new and I am adjusting to the change in my availability while still hanging on to the commitments I have with non profits, friends, and other projects.  I need to borrow from my good friend Amy her word, BALANCE.

I read a little (thank you Jill Anderson!) and I listened to a little audio… I have reviews to write (Huzzah!), W9s to fill out, invoices to send, power point to design, and this recap of the week.

SO Experience….

January 1:  COLD The 10k in ST Paul at 20 below zero.  6.2 miles.

January 2:  Love and Friendship…  a beautiful gift in the mail, my friends had their little boy

January 3:  BOOKS.  The donations at the library are overflowing.  A few of us hauled books from the library to the sale spot set for spring.  More book donations than I have ever seen at one time!

January 4:  Purpose.  I started my first day in an office in town.  I was a little nervous, I have worked mainly out of my home office since July 2014.  It went well.  The others were super nice, I felt good, and I felt I had purpose, which surprised me in good ways.

January 5:  Heartbreak.  Bailey, who has been around for 20+ years was put down (horrible words). He was getting to be too much to handle – above assisted living care.. he needed someone all the time to carry him outside and in, he was blind and deaf and the HARD decision had to be made.  UGH.

January 6:  Creativity.  I attended two jewelry making classes today – one for a necklace and one for a bracelet centered around our words of the year.  I have never been to a jewelry making class before so this was new, exciting, fun, and took my mind off of (for a little while) the sorrow over Bailey.

As for today, the 7th… I do not know yet.  The day is young…  I am planning to stay at home for the most part and prepping some things to take pressure off my week…  and it will be a week!  Tomorrow Friends meeting, take down decorations at library, Author, Books Burgers and Brews in the evening, Tuesday office and lunch with friends, Wednesday gym, book hauling, a couple of meet ups for work, Thursday office, 2nd Thursday Happy Hour For A Cause in the evening, somewhere in the middle maybe some shopping for vacation next week, Friday gym, office.. somewhere in the week I should consider tanning as well….

Welcome to 2018.  How was the first week for you?

17 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… A Week Of Experiences

  1. We are part of “the frozen chosen” this week in the battle of the snowstorms. Lake Ontario in one corner and #grayson in the other. Actually the Lake kind of helped keep most of the snow away, which makes it a “good thing”.Kept checking on family who don’t really know much about dealing with this….stuff…

    and I “finished up” my last year’s reviewing in hopes of focusing entirely on my #FirstBook2018. Tremontaine is fascinating and I will link up my review when I’m done…60% of a 600+ page book is a pretty good start IMHO

  2. So sorry about Bailey…but yes, when they are miserable, there is nothing else to do.

    I love the sound of Books, Burgers, & Brew…and saw a book club in my area with a similar name. I’m trying to find a club IRL…to expand my connections.

    Love having jewelry made with your word.

    Enjoy the second week of the year!

  3. What a week of ups and downs! I’m sorry to hear about Bailey. We’ve had to put down a beloved pet before and it’s just such a hard decision to make. *hugs* Also, I’m still in awe of your 10K – I’ve discovered that I don’t do well below about 10 degrees, and once it gets below 0, my lungs start to crystallize and I start coughing up blood. Oy.

  4. Congratulations on your new job! That is so exciting.

    My sincerest condolences about Bailey. It is never an easy decision or an easy process.

    I hope you have a great second week of 2018!

  5. Man, you are one busy woman. I love how you’re all bundled up; too cute. Sorry about losing Bailey; no doubt he had one full life with you. Ho’omaka’i on the new j-o-b.

  6. So sorry about Bailey, it’s such a hard decision when you have to make it. Sounds like a good week around that, although I went running in -2 on Sunday and that was cold enough for me (I put on a hat, a buff round my neck and gloves, and had a short sleeve top under a warm long-sleeve one and my thickest leggings that are weird on the thighs and pull themselves down all the time. I was certain I was going to shed some of that along the way but no, 12 miles later, still all wrapped up!). I’m not sure what job you do but hope the new position works out well for you. I’ve been working from home full time since 2012 and don’t think I could go back to an office now!

  7. A 10k at -20? Are you crazy!
    You have a huge week this week. And a new job on top of it. Have a wonderful week. I know you are happiest at your busiest. Love and hugs.

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