Morning Meanderings… The Day Of The Eve

Good morning.  *Yawns stretches*  How are we doing this New Years Eve Day?

I am sitting here with LAPTOP and COFFEE looking out at a very chilly day (22 below is the current Minnesota temp) and thinking of all the little things I want to accomplish today.

I have some laundry in the works, and a website I am building for an upcoming event, and pictures to go and take for an article, and what to make for dinner… and I am of course thinking about The First Book Of The Year… not only the post (which I love love love) but also… what my book will be.

My book will possibly be at least partially completed on audio since I leave early to get to a 10K run in the AM in St Paul and listening to audio makes that 2+ hour drive way more enjoyable… but alas… which book?  (The first book is almost as hard to pick as the word of the year lol)

If you are considering participating in First Book or if you are reading this thinking what the heck is First Book?  Here is a link to that post.  It is not to late to send in a pic to me of you and the book to add to the collage of readers going into 2018.

I am also looking at Goodreads.  I love that challenge, I am just trying to think what I can realistically do.  There was a time I could read over 100 books a year.  Now with all the things I have added in my life, I do not think that is a reachable goal.  I want to partake for sure, and I don’t want to drop the ball on it like I did in 2017.

So thats me.

The First Book post will go up early due to my run.  If you miss getting your pic in on time, do not worry – I almost always have some that come in after the posting and I add them to a post on January 2nd.

In the mean time… enjoy this day as we close out 2017 and all it has held… and look forward to 2018 and what this New Year will bring.

10 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… The Day Of The Eve

  1. I am also wondering about my Goodreads goal. Last year I read my most books ever, but I was off work for about 6 months. I always like to challenge myself, but I like to feel it’s attainable too. But, I can’t seem to find the link to sign up for the challenge like I have done for three last 3-4 years. Any tips on where to find it?

  2. Although I have not reached my GoodReads 2017 goal of first 250, and then revised down to 200, as I close in on finishing my 170th book- which is over 900 pages, I cannot sneeze at my attempt this year as we traveled this summer to #NYCPRIDE and I got to meet Edie Winsor who passed last fall ( look her up on SCOTUS). And then, we got sideswiped by an impending move sometime Spring 2018. We liberated about 1/2 of a combined 80-year book collection in anticipation

    So I’m setting my goal to 150 for 2018 because you just never know do ya?

  3. All the best for the run. Aha early post for 1st book! Yay because I am sitting here at breakfast on New Year’s Day already, and I know you get the time line – having been over it. 150 books is amazing with all you are going to do, I did hit over 160 this year, but I set my goal at about 130.

  4. I almost missed it! Have been so out of touch! Just drafted my First Book post and scheduled it for New Year’s Day. Thank you for keeping this fun annual tradition going!

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