And Now For Something New…. Introducing Books, Burgers, and Brews


Yesterday I hinted a bit about this….. something new was happening….  here it is.  The Friends of The Brainerd  Public Library (my peeps!) are sponsoring a new event in the area that starts tomorrow evening – Books, Burgers, and Brews!

Ok let me back up and give you a bit of the history….

A couple of years ago at a Friends Board retreat, we were brainstorming the idea of putting a book club in a bar atmosphere.

Why Sheila?  Why would you want to do that?

Thank you for asking.  Here is why.

In our community there are many people who would love to get involved with a book club but for many reasons are unable to find one:

  1.  Most book clubs are a group of friends, co-workers, etc… it is hard to get into an existing group especially if you have no connections to them
  2.  Often book clubs meet in homes and 10 will not invite a stranger into their home 2) as the person looking for a group that is really intimidating to enter into a new group and new home of someone you do not really know
  3. Book clubs are often closed groups
  4.  Yes our library has an amazing monthly book club but some do not want to go and sit in a meeting room to discuss a book

So here we are.  Here are some cool things that a bar like atmosphere can provide:

  1.  A relaxed casual setting where you can sit with your friends
  2. Food and a beverage special so it becomes a dinner out or even a date night
  3. This format (and for me this is a big one) appeals to both men and women (where often men will not go into someones home and sit around and discuss a book, they are more likely to go with their spouse or friends to check this out
  4. No pressure to speak up.  Sit back and enjoy or share your insight
  5. No commitment – come when you can, bring who you can
  6. No one has to provide the snacks or drinks….  😉

This idea came from a sort of similar type event that is held in Minneapolis by a guy I sat on a panel with once discussing the future of books.  I have enjoyed hearing his take on books through the years and love what he started with a little thing called Books and Bars.  Here is a great video of what that is about:


So going off that idea – Books, Burgers, and Brews is born.  Or… almost born….  we are calling it a Book Club With a Kick.  ;P  We are partnering with Prairie Bay to create a fun literary menu around the book… a burger and beer special and what I believe will be a fun engaging evening of conversation about an excellent read.  This is a free event…. we just want to match people to great books.

The mission:

To encourage reading by offering a fun atmosphere with food, drinks, and fun; making non readers, readers; and dormant readers remember the enjoyment of a good book.

So… what are we reading?

I am so glad you asked…


This we feel is a great choice that will engage both men and women.  It is sci – fi, but it is also funny and light… not too heavy.  I will let you know how our first one goes.  We are sold out this time… lets see if we can keep the energy up 😀

24 thoughts on “And Now For Something New…. Introducing Books, Burgers, and Brews

  1. That sounds like so much fun!! My book club met at a brewery last week – they let us bring in our own potluck meal – and a couple of young men came up and asked us what we were doing. We talked to them about book club and books and then fed them.

  2. Our book club meets in the lobby of the Grand Chancellor hotel across from the waterfront in Hobart, Tasmania. People who have worked all day can get food, those retired people like me can get a glass of wine or a coffee or a creme brulee. The hotel welcomes us as good for business and the glam setting keeps us coming back on the comfy chairs and couches.

  3. Sheila, this is an awesome idea! I go to a Book Club at First Draft Book Bar in Phoenix once a month and I love nothing more than a beer and a book! The Book Bar is an extension of Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe. check it out here:
    I usually don’t contribute much and the books haven’t been the best picks yet, but I’m still going, at least for the beer in a bookstore!

  4. I’m sure this will be a big hit! I belong to a similar type of book club. It’s called Books and Bordeaux and we meet in at a wine bar. Good food, good wine, good conversation, and no pressure to attend every meeting. We have one of the back rooms reserved once a month and regularly have 15 to 20 attendees out of about 30 to 40 active members.

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