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Morning Meanderings…. Making It Through


Good morning all!

Look at that – I disappeared again.  DOH!  For good reason this time I think – I was swamped with Wine and Words 2016 stuff and pretty much everything went to the wayside the last couple of months including, reading, and audio.  *sob*

I am however over the biggest event of the year and while there is still detail work to do – deposits, thank you’s, certificates, etc…  Ahhhhh….

So a quick recap.  Wine and Words was wonderful.  Pictures will be posted on our website soon.  Allen Eskens was fantastic.  Helen Ross Klein a delight.  Brian Freeman always a win. Joshilyn Jackson cracked everyone up.  Laura Childs shared her early on writing storing.  Lorna Landvik.. what would I do without her?

And then in true me style, I stayed over night at Grand View Lodge with our authors, hurried home, tossed Wine and Words out of the can and camping stuff in and drove 3 1/2 hours to go to my cabin and hang out friends for a long weekend.  We just came back yesterday evening.


One of our Wine and Words pics…


Biking at the cabin….


A little book store stop in Ely…. I have plans for this book.  Stay tuned 😀

SO lots to catch up on today so I am off and running.  Have a super day…. by golly I hope to write a review this afternoon.

Morning Meanderings…. The Return Of Me… and Burning Pop Tarts


I am here.

Holy smokes I never planned that hiatus.  This summer has had an odd feel to it – not necessarily bad, but like I am moving in slow motion and things I need to get done… takes a lot longer than it used to.

My diagnosis of myself is… I think last year I ran so hard so fast to stay ahead of the grief.  I kept going, doing, blogging, events…  and then winter came… and I slowed down.  I had time to grieve and deal head on with the depression that I was out running.  There are crazy attributes to depression.  Low energy, lack of interest in outside things, and a desire to just stay home.  All of these attributes are still somewhat true and I fight them daily.  Yes I can get out and do things – and I am fighting through… but it a new and long journey still for me.

I still cry daily….  I prefer to stay home and there are days I do not leave the house.  I am trying hard to break that habit. And most days I write posts in my head that never make it to this site and I miss that very much.  My reading and audio are down… I miss that as well.  But know this – I am trying and I want to be back.

So – whats new and happening?

Well…next week is Wine and Words (EEP!!!) Today my big focus is detail work for that event.  I am working much with our Library which is always good and I enjoy being a part of that community.  Last week I helped with a Harry Potter event to celebrate the new book, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.  The kids worked on trivia, coloring sheets, and we made HP glasses out of pipe cleaner (because that is how cool we are)  and then we all watched the first movie.  That part was hard as this was Justin and my thing… and darn it all JK for coming up with another book that I know he and I would be chatting so excitedly about.




And because I promised you burnt pop tarts…

As a kid I LOVED pop tarts… but then they went and ruined them by frosting them.  Anyone else agree?  YUCK!  I loved the plain old pop tart filled with strawberry or blueberry goodness and then recently – HUZZAH our grocery store started selling a strawberry one without frosting!!!

SO now to my next confession…. I don’t use a toaster enough to justify the counter space.  My kitchen is not huge and that counter property is precious.  I don’t like appliances sitting around that I rarely use….  (yes yes there is a coffee pot – don’t go crazy on me…lol).   Anyway, I use my over to toast the pop tarts.   turn it on low and set in on the grate, prep my coffee – and POP TART!!!!  Except a few days ago – the tart fell off the grate and to the bottom of my over onto the heating coil where I son saw flames in my oven….   oh good grief 😉  LOL  Maybe… just maybe… its time to get a toaster again.  ;0

Have a good day all.