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Morning Meanderings…. Want To See My Book Shelves?


Holy smokes… where does the time go?  This writing posts in my head is fascinating stuff bu t getting them here seems to be an odd challenge.  Life has been just day-to-day busy with writing projects, non-profit commitments, gardening, lawn care, home care, and get togethers, and …and…  that just surprise me how I blink and the day is gone and I have not posted here….


I do – for the record – plan to break that nasty habit.

I missed Coffee Monday.

Sort of.

Meaning I actually went outside and took the picture with me and my snazzy new coffee cup (LOVE FUN coffee cups) Thank you Brenda :).

3-jill b

See my super cool new cup that says “There Is No Place Like Home?”  Ahhhhh…. that is so true.

Next week I hope to be a better hostess to the Coffee Monday so if anyone would care to join me for coffee please email me at with your coffee pic and I will add you 🙂

I did promise book room pics didn’t I?  I finally have cleaned up the Chicago BEA books and found a home for them.  Now the room is the creative work space of potential Wine and Words baskets so there is still a little craziness going on in the table area… but for the most part, it is back in peace giving mode. 🙂


3a - Copy




There you go.  Not exactly to where I want it – but for this time of year that is about as good as it is going to get 🙂

Have a super day everyone 🙂

The Mind-Gut Connection by Emeran Mayer, MD


Most of us have experienced a feeling of queasiness before walking in to a large meeting or to speak in front of a group.  Or we have had that “gut feeling” when we know something is not right.

What is that?

How does our mind connect to our gut ?  Why is the gut sometimes called “the second brain?


I love this kind of stuff.  I find it fascinating and I am honestly surprised that I have not thought about this before, why does my gut hurt when I have to do something that makes me nervous?

I can not even express how much I enjoyed this.  I learned so much about serotonin (where your gut stores the most) and had no idea that your gut actually has control of your over all well-being.

I enjoyed reading about the connections between what we eat and how our diet affects everything for brain functionality to over all gut feelings.  Literally. I know about diet and healthy habits obviously, but the connection of the mind and gut to the diet was something I liked reading more about.

Over all a thoroughly enjoyable book.  It has been a busy season here for me and I honestly have not had a lot of time to sit down and read. The book did not read over my head.  It is well written and easy to understand.   I was glad to find out this book was interesting, informative and held my attention.



  • Hardcover: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Harper Wave (July 5, 2016)
  • Language: English


Thank you to TLC Book Tours for connecting my mind to my gut. 


Morning Meanderings…. There Be Coffee and Camping my friends


Hey all.

I wanted to put this post up on Saturday morning as we were camping all weekend with friends, however the location we were at would not let me upload my pictures… and really, this post requires a visual.  😉

First… I don’t really camp.

I did, many many moons ago when the kids were young and we would do the tent thing and those days of camping and fishing and camp fires make for great memories – they do.  Yet, and maybe some of you will agree here – when you get a certain age…. you no longer wish to sleep on the ground and wake up feeling sticky like you were wrapped in cellophane as you slept.

SO…. when this idea was first presented I was not excited about the idea.

Then I talked with our friends we would be camping with.  They all have RV’s (we do not).  Where they were staying had tent cabins you could rent so it was not exactly outdoor sleeping and it was not exactly sleeping on the ground.  It did sound like a chance for Al and I to get out of the house.  We are not big 4th of Julyers or really any holiday for that matter, but a chance to be with friends might be just what I needed.


The tent cabin (above) was not bad and the weather was perfect.


We went Friday afternoon and came home on Sunday evening.

Then we pulled into the camp ground and seen all the RV’s and tents packed into the space I thought, “Why would you do this?”  Why would you spend all the money on RVs and the food and necessities to do this for a little patch of grass and a whole lot of bugs?

As the day turned to evening I started to see why people did this.  While walking through the campground with Al and seeing all the groups of people gathering around grills and campfires, many RVs and tents in an area were groups of family and friends.  I told Al, “It is social.  People do this to hang out together. It’s low key, not a restaurant and not bowling or a movie.  They are cooking together and swimming together.”

PicMonkey Collage

We did have a nice time.  It was a group of about 20 but people were in and out with other things going on.  Al and I had planned on leaving Sunday morning…. and then that changed to Sunday afternoon, and in reality we begrudgingly left Sunday evening.

As for coffee Monday this week… it happened.  A few of you sent me pictures and thank you and I will post them now:

Monday 1

I am out… Library duties today 🙂