Audio Book Month: Let’s Talk About That Audio with Florinda

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Holy smoly….  I have dropped the ball on Audio Book Month.  SO many plans and then life has a way of keeping you running in other directions.  The good news?  I am not derailed so easy.  JULY will also be audio book month here at Book Journey. Because….

  1.  I really love audio
  2.  I really want to talk about audio
  3.  I have some great posts lined up with others that want to talk about audio
  4.   YOU need to be listening to audio.  If not, you are missing out an excellent way to experience books.

Today I want you to meet my friend Florinda.  Florinda runs the 3 R’s Blog and LOVES audio.  She is fun she is crazy (as you are about to see but that is why we love her 🙂

Please welcome her now.


Hi!  I am Florinda as Sheila said, from The 3 R’s blog.  I spend upwards of two hours every weekday in my car driving to and from my job. I’ve been doing this for over a decade, and there’s really no alternative…but since I started listening to audiobooks along the way, the drive’s been a lot more bearable–and productive!


Despite having a seemly ideal environment for audiobook reading, I resisted them for years because juggling tapes or CDs did not appeal to me at all. Once I got an iPhone and discovered there were apps available to listen to audiobooks on it, there was no more reason not to give them a try. I listened to my first audiobook just about five years ago this month, and I have never looked back. Ironically, my car has become the place I do the bulk of my reading, and when there’s a new book I want to read as soon as possible, I’ll look for it in audio first.

More than a third of my reading during the last couple of years has been audiobooks, I buy audiobooks from Audible and borrow them from the public library through the Overdrive app. I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to make my daily drive without having someone reading to me through the car speakers–and when the book’s really gripping, I’ll even listen to it on the weekend!

Want to see what Florinda is listening to?  Check her out at 3 R’s Blog. 

On another fun note….

Florinda is a big Dr. Who Fan and has participated in Cosplaying events  (and I am a bit jealous they do not do some of that around here )   I do not know a lot about this, but it looks like amazing fun and I wish we had something like this here!

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  1. Andrea ( aka rokinrev)

    A year since my last audio response…and not much has changed. When I was commuting like Florina ( whose blog is fantastic) I loved my cassette books…Erica Jong, Alice Walker, Marcus Borg, Armistad Maupin….but not so much now. Maybe its my disability but I can’t be still enough to concentrate….I fall asleep.

  2. Memoirs and audio…just not my thing.

  3. Thanks for letting me chat audiobooks over here, Sheila!

  4. Fun post., Sheila! If I had a long commute like Florinda, I’d definitely listen to more audio books. Great photos! Florinda and I are playing Words with Friends now. 🙂

  5. Thanks for introducing Florinda. So pleased she discovered how audiobooks can keep you entertained while driving. I wouldn’t get through as many as herself but I still always have one and sometimes two on the go.

  6. I love Florinda and audio books! I loaned one to a friend of Vance’s for a car trip and I think I’ve got him hooked now.

  7. Like Florinda I always listen to an audiobook in the car, even if it is a 5 min. trip. I am traveling from Florida to Michigan with my mom and we have two audiobooks ready and waiting!

  8. I have had a great audio year so far. Just this month I listened to 5 which is a lot for me!

  9. Audio books are the best for comuting with.

  10. today finished awesome audio book The Quiet Game by Greg Iles! the narrator was very good

  11. I didn’t realize June was audiobook month! I LOVE audiobooks — now that I commute an hour each way each day to work, I listen to TONS of them. They keep me sane. 🙂 -beth

  12. Love your photos, Florinda.

    Great outfit. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. I commute 1.25 hours each way, 5 days a week and 45 min each way 1 weekend day. I LOVE audio books!

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