Morning Meanderings – WHERE”S MY COFFEE and Other Nonsense.


SO many things.

First up – COFFEE.  I did write the Monday coffee post as I hustled to get out the door this past Monday to a meeting at the library. I hit send and it said that there was some sort of something something , can not recall the wording but would like I like to go back and try again.  Uhhhhhh…. sure.  I went back and my post was blank.  No draft saved – no nothing.


SO…..  with no further ado… let me please bring you the verylateMondayMorningcoffeearoundtheworld post.  No added sugar.

PicMonkey Collage4

Here we are (or were) on Monday.  Myself, Elizabeth, and Candace. I have not been doing a very good job promoting this so let me try now. The plan started by those super awesome BEA girls:  Kim, Candace, Florida and me the instigator, thought it would be cool to send each other pics every Monday morning so we could have “coffee together” just like we did in Chicago during BEA.  THEN that instigator (you know the one) thought what is we made it bigger.  What is we invited the blogging community and our readers to join us as well.  All they have to do is send in a picture of them drinking coffee on Monday so we are virtually drinking coffee around the world at the same time.

Kind of like we are the world, but more like we are the bloggers, and with caffeine.  😉

So in recap.

  1. Send a picture of you drinking coffee by 8:30 am central time on Monday to  Maybe say something about what you are currently reading or maybe something fun going n in your life.
  2. I will add pic to my Monday post.

That is it.  Anyone is eligible.  You do not have to be a blogger.


In other news, my sincere apologies regarding Audio book month.  I have not had time to get tot he posts and it is driving me bonkers.  This month has been much busier than I thought it would be.  I will still be posting – I just need to start writing them.

I will be back later today 🙂


9 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings – WHERE”S MY COFFEE and Other Nonsense.

  1. I love the idea of this and would participate IF, firstly—I would remember! The other thing is IF I were up early enough on a Monday and didn’t look like a troll who didn’t sleep lol You always look so pretty 🙂 What time do you usually wake up? I know you’re an early riser!

  2. Since my Monday falls early on the world stage, I’ll see if I can muster something up. My love of coffee is endless and I do love this idea.

  3. Whilst not a coffee drinker, I may well have to send you a photo of me with my cup of milk. Great idea, I look forward in joining you all in a cuppa.

  4. I’m enthralled with your posts. In not so much of a nutshell (think walnut, not peanut), I’ve been suffering with severe chronic pain for almost 9 years. I can’t work (although in my previous life, I was a Certified Paralegal). I’ve been married for 13 years (on Aug 2), to my high school sweetheart whom I dated for almost 4 years WAY back then, we reconnected 14 years later and have been happily married ever since (the past 9 years have been quite the trial though). I have two kids, a daughter, 23 and a son, 11. I am currently really enjoying taking part in handwriting and sketching challenges (RockYourHandwriting, DoodleWithUs, Lettergories and PTLDoodles) and although they take up a lot of my time (not like I have anything else to do) but they do help distract me from my pain. I have always been a very avid reader, as I love to say, “if I have nothing to read I’ll read shampoo and tampon instructions.” I would love to join your Coffee Monday Club, and spend a little more time focusing on my reading than just when I go outside to smoke. The problem is, that I don’t drink coffee! Every 10 (getting closer to 15-20 now) years, I have a sip. Just enough to reconfirm that, nope, I do not like coffee (or tea, for that matter)! Would I still be able to join? I’m looking forward to spending more time perusing your blog and those you’ve recommended.

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