Book Expo Arrival and Day One


As promised, I said I would write a series of posts about this years expo.

I left Minnesota on Tuesday May 10th at 5:30 am to drive to Chicago for the book expo.  I had decided that between driving to Minneapolis, paying for parking there, paying for luggage, and plane as well as cost of shipping books back – this could be a wash as I would just have gas costs and parking at the hotel.  For the record – it was more cost-effective to drive so I got that right.  YAY me!

I planned to arrive at the hotel around 2:30 with breaks for gas, bathroom, or food.  In reality – with the traffic in Minneapolis and then getting lost in Chicago for a stressful hour…. it was closer to 4:30 when I finally parked and met up with my roommate Candace of Beth Fish Reads.

After unpacking we walked around the expo area  a bit looking at all the great posters promoting books I was excited about….









Don’t those look great?  We finished up our day by going to eat at the pub in the hotel.  He had good food and a glass of wine, talked and caught up, and anticipated what was to come….  tomorrow we will talk about Day 1 of the expo and the Audie Awards!

11 thoughts on “Book Expo Arrival and Day One

  1. Those posters were awesome… just hanging there tempting us to read. Dark Matter was number one on my must-get-a-signed-copy-of list. And I got it!

    Driving was a wise choice even if you did end up with an extra hour tour of the city. 🙂 Some of the people I talked to on the shuttle (it was a 20 min ride with all the traffic!) said both Chicago airports were a nightmare, so you got to avoid that mess.

  2. I LOVE your BEA sign at the top with your photo added in. AWESOME.

    That was a long drive, but well worth it.

    Love the posters. Those HUGE, life-sized posters always had me in awe. These ones are amazing.

    Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait for more. I love to hear about your adventures.



  3. Will it be another installation (series) of fantasies for Veronica Roth’s ‘Carve the Mark’?

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