Morning Meanderings…. Spent.


What a weekend and start to the week.

Hang on, this will take more COFFEE.

Ok I am back.

Spent means….  Used up; consumed.  Tired; worn-out, exhausted


Saturday was Justin’s benefit in St Paul.  It was an emotional roller coaster of a day – seeing his friends and ours = AMAZING.  Looking around and realizing why everyone has gathered = HARD.  In a way this year was harder than last year as last year I think I was still in shock and just going through the motions of what I needed to do.  Seeing people gather from all over Minnesota on Saturday to honor and remember my son was more than I had imagined and it emotionally took a toll.  I came home Saturday evening and went immediately to bed.

Sunday was a day of two naps and early to bed.  I was so exhausted.

And yesterday…

well yesterday was Justin’s birthday.

(and Sunday is Mother’s Day and…..  you get the point)

Yesterday I spent the morning at the Library at our monthly Friends meeting and looking at possible plans for the outside of the library.  I then went to Home Depot and picked up a hanging basket and a hummingbird feeder, a new light for the memorial garden, and a few other things.  I went to my friend Kerri’s flower shop and picked out 4 white roses in two sets of two.

As we do not have a place to visit Justin on special occasions, I use the benches as such.  We have the bench at the library, and we have one in our back yard.

Justin DeChantal, Sheila, Book Journey, Brianerd Public library, Braierd Minnesota
Bench at the Brainerd Public Library




Justin DeChantal, Sheila, book journey
The bench in our back yard


Justin DeChantal, Sheila, Book Journey
The blue and white ribbon on these flowers is from the ribbon cutting in Honduras for the building that was dedicated to Justin.


So that has been the last few days.  Nothing more than that.  Today I am at the library for a few hours and then home to mow the lawn.  It is still one day at a time.  Yet I am still doing it, day by day.


10 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Spent.

  1. There is something about these benches that is just so poignant. They signify a place to sit–to stop, to ponder, to reflect. They are perfect. My heart is with you, Sheila ❤ oxox

  2. Through all the tears: I see, feel, and hear all the love for Justin. And for you. So bittersweet and unreal.

  3. I like the quote on the memorial bench, and how good for you to see how many people honor your son. The white roses bring a tear to my eye.

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