Morning Meanderings…. GOING TO THE AUDIE AWARDS!!!!


It, as predicted, has been a week.

Monday was the one year anniversary of Justin’s accident.  I had set my mind that I wanted to do something positive with the day, something to honor his memory.  I had big ideas weeks out; making cookies for the senior center, helping out at the soup kitchen…  and then I put on the brakes.  I knew for this first year I could not line up a lot of things for me to do… I just needed to BE.

SO instead, my friend Amy came over in the morning and had coffee with me.  She and I worked in the book room re-shelving books and organizing.  We talked, shared, laughed, cried.  My friend Kerri brought over flowers and lunch. My friend Brenda brought me a prayer shawl and banana bread.  It was all so sweet.  In the afternoon when I was alone I took a nap, already emotionally exhausted from it being THE DAY.  When Al came home he and I had a glass of wine with dinner and started reading through all the wonderful cards we had received last year.  At the time of that initial reading everything was a blur and we were just going through the motions.  This time, we read what people said out loud, we shared with each other who the people were and we just talked.  It was really quite perfect.

The only thing I did plan for the day was the end of it.  Last year when Al and I drove home from the St Paul hospital and pulled into our driveway at 9:30 pm exhausted beyond words and shattered, three cars were waiting in our driveway.  My friends Amy, Heidi, and Wendy (along with Amy’s husband, Chad) were waiting for us.  They had filled our frig with things we would need over the next coming days.  They filled a large cooler with ice and water bottles, and they had waited to be there to share in this enormous grief.  On Monday,  I invited the three women over to end that April 4th anniversary with.  They came over at 8 pm and we drank wine in the book room and talked until 11:30 pm that night.  It was a perfect way to end the day and my heart is forever thankful for these wonderful strong women in my life who showed up again… a year later to hold me up.

Switching gears to the title of this post.  I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I thrown my name in the hat for Audio Book Blogger of the year.  I thought I could at least give it a try.  You all know I love audio and although I have been sporadic in my posts this past year, I still entered. 

I did not win.

However, someone who I know personally and I room with at BEA did win….. Candace from Beth Fish Reads is the winner of two tickets to this years Audi Awards..

The winning blogger will receive two tickets to the 2016 Audies Gala (valued at $700) and recognition of their award at the Gala. Known as “the Oscars of the audiobook world,” the 2016 Audies Gala will be held on May 11th in Chicago and emceed by Paula Poundstone. 

Ummmm….. yeah….

two tickets.

I am her plus one.


Congratulations to my friend and fellow blogger!!!  If you are not familiar with her website you should be.  She writes excellent reviews and yes, she reviews a lot of audio.  Check her out at Beth Fish Reads (and while you are there be sure to tell her congratulations!)




16 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. GOING TO THE AUDIE AWARDS!!!!

  1. We are going to have a BLAST — as long as we don’t get star-struck.

    My thoughts have been with you all week — I knew it was going to be difficult.

  2. You’ve been in my thoughts all week. I’m so happy that Candace won and so happy that she picked you for her plus one! I hope you both have a blast!

  3. My thoughts have been with you on this most difficult anniversary. I follow Beth’s blog and enjoy her reviews very much. I hope you both have a blast at the awards, and since I’ll be at BEA that week, maybe we’ll run into each other!

  4. You have been on mind this entire year, but especially the last few weeks. I love that your first instinct was to honor Justin’s life by volunteering- which seems very much in keeping with what he’d do. But even better is recognizing the need to step back and take some extra time for yourself- that’s the hard thing about grief, we can’t always work through it, sometimes we just have to feel it. I love that your friends were there with you, I know you’ve posted about the amazing friendships Justin built, but lady, he learned that from you. ❤

    Also, super CONGRATS on getting to go to the Audies!!!! I think I'm going to throw my hat in the ring one of these years since about half my reviews are audiobooks anymore. I'm sorry you didn't win, but how awesome that you get to be Candace's plus 1?!

  5. You and your family were in my thoughts this week. I’m glad you had time to yourself, as well as surrounded by your good friends. I haven’t re-read any of the condolence cards we received, but you’ve inspired me to do just that this coming May. Congrats on the invite to Audies! How sweet of Candace to include you. You two are going to have a blast!!

  6. I’m glad you made it through this rough anniversary, and excited (and a little envious!) that you get to go to the Audie Awards with Candace! So looking forward to seeing you in Chicago next month.

  7. I’m glad you were able to share the anniversary in ways that comforted you. And what exciting news about going to the Audies!

  8. I am so excited you will be going to the Audies! You will love every minute. This will make two years in a row that the Armchair Audies will be represented. Hooray!!!

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