Morning Meanderings… The Gatsby Connection


We did it.

Month s of planning, little details to put together, A WHOLE LOT OF amazing people stepping up and in to places from check in, to champagne and fascinator sales, to set up, to taking it all down…

Gatsby in Brainerd Minnesota was a HUGE SUCCESS.

Our goal for this event was 100 people.  I think for first year events that 100 people is enough to show there is an interest.  We closed up ticket sales at 191.  If we had not had to stop selling tickets a couple of days out, we would have easily cleared 200.

See, I am not the only one that likes to dress up. 😉

For today’s Saturday Snapshot, here are a few pictures from last nights Friends Of The Library Fund Raiser.  There are mostly from my phone so they are not awesome, but by next week I should have better pictures from our photographer to show.







My camera for the most part took blurry pics so I can not wait to see everyone elses!  For the full effect watch this great short video that our local paper took of the event.  I seen this today and it made me cry.  We did it. Oh my gosh, we did it.   Link to video


Today I have a board meeting in St. Cloud and then I am unplugging from much of the outside world for the next month.  We are so close to a year since Justin’s accident here and I need time just to be and work my way through that.  This Gatsby event was something he and I had talked about and I know if he could have been, he would have been here right beside cheering me on as he always did.  Perhaps, in a way, he was.




13 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… The Gatsby Connection

  1. I am always thinking of you too, especially now. Congratulations on the big success with Gatsby! I know it was a team effort, but you were the head coach, top cheerleader, and chief planner all in one!

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