Morning Meanderings…. A New Harry Potter Book? I Am Not Sure…


I swear some days my sheltered world surprises me.

I am not a newspaper reader.  I am not a news on TV watcher.  I do not follow any website for the “happenings” in our world – either entertainment wise or real world stuff.  I used to…. but now my world is all a little too real and raw and so I miss much of what is going on unless someone tells me. I like living in my Hobbit Hole.

And that is how I missed hearing about the new Harry Potter book.

and honestly, I am not sure how I feel about it.


Of course back when the books were coming out and we were drawing to a close in book 7….. I wanted more.  Shoot – who didn’t?  Yet as time went on it became a household discussion here.  I still wanted JK Rowling to find a loop hole in her ending and bring the story back…. perhaps the rebuilding of Hogwarts and continue the story through the next generation, Harry’s, Ron’s Malfoy’s kids.  I honestly wanted to keep the magic going…

and Justin did not.

When we talked here, Justin (wiser than me and clearly less muggle in him) knew that continuing the story would only create dissatisfaction.  The books were too good, he would tell me.  They are better off left as is.

And as time went on, as much as it pained me to admit it, I began to agree with him.

So here we are.

In case any of you were as oblivious as me (thank you for that if you were) here is the basics of what I know:

JK Rowling, after years of saying there would not be a continuing story, has indeed written an 8th book that will release as the others did, on midnight of July 31st.  As I type this, there is a lump in my throat because it was Justin and I who would plan crazy things to grab the book hot off the shelves at midnight each release.  I have to wonder, how I do it this year. 

To my understand, as I try to catch up, there is a play in London with the same title as the book. The push was that HP fans who were unable to get to London to see the play wanted a book so they too can be a part on this experience.  JK Rowling and the Publisher Little Brown  came to an agreement to give the fans what they wanted.

The official synopsis is:

It was always difficult being Harry Potter and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and father of three school-age children. While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.


It’s new.  Admittedly it is exciting. And of course for me, a bit sad.  “It’s happening,” I think….  and I have to do this one alone.

What do you think of this new development?  Are you YAY for it?  Or NAY leave it alone?   Is Rita Skeeter retired now?  What ever happened to Hagrid?   I would love to know your thoughts. 🙂


16 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. A New Harry Potter Book? I Am Not Sure…

  1. Sheila, only a few minutes before I saw your post, because several Goodreads friends posted the book as “want to read,” I found out this was being made into a book and I got SO EXCITED because it was happening much sooner than I’d expected.

    I thought of you right away when I saw this today. I knew you’d have mixed feelings about it because Justin’s not here to enjoy it 😦 I guess you will have to enjoy it for him, and I’m sure you’ll be able to imagine the things he would say. You can have that conversation in your heart and mind, and I’m sure it will be painful 😦

    When I first read about it a week or two ago, they said it was just in play form and being performed in the U.K. I was irritated and felt shunned, but figured it would probably make its way to the U.S., though I wouldn’t be able to go to a play (can’t do that anymore 😦 ). I hoped and figured it would eventually become a book once the play died out. It makes sense it would be released on July 31st, Harry’s—and J.K.’s—birthday. Though I know you can’t share it with Justin, I hope you can find some joy in sharing it with all of us and maybe that will help 🙂

    1. And I forgot to add, that yes, the books are amazing left as they are, but J.K. always said there was so much more and that in her head, she saw “into the future” and the story and characters continued. I guess, in between her writing her adult novels, this did develop. The woman can’t stop her creative brain and considering this world and these characters are truly a part of her, this comes as no surprise to me. I can’t imagine, if this part of the continuing story, wasn’t worthy of the rest, she wouldn’t have written it. I feel like we should trust in that 🙂

  2. Although I don’t have the same kind of intense emotional history with the series as you, my family does have a strong attachment to the it (I read the first three when I was pregnant with my eldest and couldn’t wait until they were old enough to join in; my youngest listened to ALL of the audiobooks before she could read them herself when she was 5 – 6).

    As to the artistry side of things, my first reaction was dismay – I agree with Justin in that the books as a whole are so good, it seems a mistake to return to them. Especially if the motivation is financial.

    But who knows – maybe JK Rowling had an inspiration that wouldn’t leave her alone and she HAD to write this play which is morphing into a book (and of course will likely be a movie). I can’t wait to see the other movie coming out this summer with Eddie Redmayne, so perhaps we all have an appetite that will never be satiated.

    It’s a huge risk for her. I hope it pays off! And I celebrate you as I know you’ll find a way to continue your tradition and that Justin’s spirit will cheer you on however it happens.

  3. Sheila, keep in mind that this is not a new novel. It is that the play is being made available in print form. I’m excited because I love reading plays and this maybe the only way I get to experience HP and the Cursed Child.

  4. I’ll have to ask my HP loving daughters what they think of a new book. I haven’t read them but I bought all of them at least twice, LOL.

  5. I’m also conflicted about it. But it’s happening. And I will read it. The world of Harry Potter is a rich one that I can’t help but be excited to revisit, even if the book falls flad. Oh, but I hope it doesn’t.

  6. I’m a little on fence about this too. Although from what I’m reading, it may not actually be in book format, but in play format. Which would be a little weird for people and probably disappointing if they haven’t ever read a play. I do know that there are other authors on the cover and it says that Rowling wrote the ‘story’ and it also says ‘The Official Script Book of the Original West End Production’. Sounds like play format to me. In any case, it will be a big, big hoopla. And I’ll likely read it. I like to read plays.

  7. It’s not actually a new book. It’s simply the script from the play they are doing in London. There was a ton of push back when the play was announced, because fans were upset that they’d never get to see the play. So they decided to publish the script. Not a new book. Just the play. Still kind of exciting for us Potterheads nonetheless 🙂

  8. I, for one, am excited. I’m one of those that hates when series (books or tv shows) come to an end. Guess I’m sentimental. Thanks for letting me know because I was also in the dark. Now I have to go tell my son. I bet he didn’t know either.

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