Morning Meanderings…. EVERYONE Needs A Little Bob Marley In Their Life


Good Morning!  2nd cup of COFFEE today and have a coffee date coming up here shortly.  MMMMM….  friends and coffee.  My mom would be proud :).

My Bob Marley encounters are few put impactful.

A few years ago at the Book Expo in New York I went to a signing of a book by Bob Marley’s son, Ky-Mani.  I had the book dedicated to my son, Justin.


I really felt that would be my last connection with Bob…

Then we went to Cancun a few weeks ago.  At the all-inclusive resort we stayed at they had a drink called the Bob Marley.  The drink was named for it’s coloring, it striped in the glass green, yellow, red.  For me it was a bit strong, but for the ladies I went on this trip with, they really liked it and every day by the pool when the waitress went by it was the requested beverage.

Once we came back home, I wanted to get each of the ladies I went with a little something as a thank you for a trip that had every potential of being very hard on me, but actually turned out ok due to the company we were with.  I wanted to go with something that I had learned about each of them and for two of the ladies *cough Wendy and Julie cough* I wanted that item to be Bob Marley related.

Originally I was thinking a bobblehead doll…. but wow.  On line these babies go for around $75 each!  So I started exploring and discovered great sayings that Marley had said throughout his life that had been made into vinyl to put on your wall.  I have been to each of these ladies homes so I know the layout and thought they may think this is cool.  If not, it is still a fun connection to the trip.

What I did not expect is that while looking around, I would find one for me.   I love words.  I love words on the wall.  If I could go all words and a few pictures I would.  My house should read like a story of my life.  As I look around at books, and pictures, and memories….  I guess it does.  It still did not stop my from picking out one for myself and yesterday I put it on my wall to see what it would look like and to be able to tell the girls how to put theirs up if they choose to.






Guess I have a little Bob Marley memory as well. 🙂

Today is a coffee date and a lunch date.  A trip to the store and later reading of the book club book pick for next weeks discussion.  Sounds like a pretty fair kick off to the weekend.

I will leave you with this – not sure if it “THE” recipe, but here is a Bob Marley drink recipe.  This drink may cause you to synchronize swim in the pool, dance a little in your lounger, and talk to people you do not know.  Proceed with caution.  😉


1 oz. Creme de Menthe, green

•1/2 oz. Liqueur, banana

•1/2 oz. Rum, overproof/151 proof

•1 oz. Grenadine

Mixing Instructions

The true Bob Marley is grenadine at the bottom, creme de menthe in the middle, and 151 plus creme de bananna, so it makes the red, green and yellow of the Jamaican flag

3 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. EVERYONE Needs A Little Bob Marley In Their Life

  1. You know, my first encounter/awareness of Bob Marley was way back, before I got married, so it was before 1981. Someone asked me to paint him on a few t-shirts. It was an album cover, the t-shirts were black and the painting was tedious. Anyway, I wasn’t familiar with him and never became an actual fan. I do love this very poignant and wise quote you have. I had no idea and it makes me want to find out what other brilliance he put out there—in words, not so much his music.

    And how great they make it this way so you can put it on your wall! I never saw this before and am guessing other things are available this way? This quote fits you so well, and the truth is, I think it fits all of us. I know I’ve had this proven to me many times over in my life. You really don’t know how much you can endure—until you must!

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