Morning Meanderings…. The End Of January 2016


Sunday and the last day of January 2016.  While filling the outdoor wood stove this morning (yes, some of us in Minnesota do that 😉 ) I found myself really thinking about this past year.  It is just crazy to think that in two more months it will be a year…

It doesn’t feel like that can be true.

I have struggled daily.  Lately, this last month… I am searching for a way to assemble some sort of life… goals…. a way of going on – NOT moving on, but going on.  This time of my life has been the absolute hardest of anything I have ever experienced.  I am glad at least that I am starting to want to get started with something again and have been slowly working on reconnecting with my contracts and the outside world.


Bitter sweet to see me using an agenda again.  It is one of the geeky things I have always loved to do and I quit last April and didn’t touch my agenda for the rest of the year.  I love to write things down and see what I have completed and what I have planned.  It took a while to bring this back.


New books in the house (because apparently I am rambling today….)


Look at these fun titles.  Makes me want to read RIGHT NOW.

The Life We Bury is our book club pick for February.  Minnesota author.

Odysseus Abroad came in from Vintage Books a division of Random House

The Immortals looks fun and is going to be a part of an upcoming giveaway!

The Good Liar has a tasty title doesn’t it?  Harper sent this one.

The total Package…. ahh Stephanie Plum, we have a love-like relationship but I still cant resist seeing what this is about 🙂  TLC Blog tour

The EX I picked up at the library yesterday while changing out the window.  Love the title…. sounds good 🙂

The RAMBLERS has a fun synopsis that has me curious.  TLC blog tour.


So that’s all I am going to chat about today.  I have a full day of prepping for two Library related meetings tomorrow.  One in St Paul, and one in my home town.  It will truly be a Library Day 🙂





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  1. Enjoy your planning and your books….I liked The Good Liar, but not as much as I’d hoped…I just downloaded The Ex…I love suspense. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good to see you’re planning an agenda again. I’ve moved my planner to my phone but somehow it’s not the same as writing stuff down. . . so now I make lists too.

  3. Glad to see your planner. I still have setting goals on my mind, even though tomorrow is February! Enjoy your new books. They look great.

  4. I like the synopsis for The Ramblers; The Immortals sounds like something I will REALLY enjoy; and who can resist a book written by JE?! What a great selection! RE planners, I love using them too. I’m so happy you’re coming back into the world honey. 🎈💫

  5. I think it’s good to use an actual agenda/journal whatever to plan. Like you, I think it helps to see the things accomplished. Hope you enjoy your new books!

  6. I love to note stuff I want to do but invariably forget to go back to check on the lists!
    I was able to check on the availability of two of the books from your list. One was already archived! It is so helpful when you get an idea of what the current books are rather than getting them a month later when more than half of them are gone. Thanks.

  7. Nice stack of books! Yes to moving forward … as hard as it is.

  8. I geek out over planners too. This year I got a daily Simplified Planner and I love it but I am not sure I am needing a daily after all. It’s nice to have extra space to record my thoughts for each day but I am definitely not taking advantage of it. My years and years of monthly planner use is making this a long transition.

  9. I have a master calendar, but I’m not a planner girl. It is really hard to think of life turning into February 2016.

  10. Sheila, I could use a bit of your organizational ability. Enjoy your new goodies!

  11. The Ex is on my radar as something to check out. I read and enjoyed The Life We Bury– it’s bittersweet but so intriguing.

  12. {hugs} Have fun filling up that planner with lots of FUN bookish events, too, I’m sure.

  13. I use an old school planner too and I always make sure it’s pretty, like yours 🙂

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