It’s Not Always About The Book


This past Tuesday we had book club.  It was our annual December potluck, home made gift exchange, and donation to the library’s book in a bag program.  Normally, this is one of my favorite meetings of the year as I do love the little extras we put into book club.  This year however…

not so much.

The last month has been hard – and I thought I had the book we were reading on my shelf and if I do… I can not find it.  The library copies were all checked out, and I personally wasn’t sure if the book was something I was going to enjoy so I did not want to buy it.  All that and a lot of procrastination… I had not read the book.

I went to book club that night feeling a bit stressed out… tired, and unprepared.

And then…



The visiting, the glass of wine, catching up on conversations and lives….


and the food…



Meatballs and seafood chowder, soup, salad, dips and chips, olives, breads, bruschetta, chocolates, cake and more….

I sat back and another girl in our group led the discussion which is normally what I do.  Even though I had not read the book, the discussion was engaging.  It was interesting to be the observer and watch this group of girls who have come together because of a book… but really… more than that.  This motley crew of women are all friends.  We come together to share in each others lives, to care for one another.  We have been together through sickness and celebration, great sorrow…as well as joy.  As I watched this group that at one time were for the most part strangers – joke with one another, discuss this book, listen to each others opinions, and share personal stories that surfaced because of reading this book and I thought…

this is so much more than about a book.

The book… well, I will write another post and share with you about the book.  When I asked at the end of the discussion if they felt this was something I should read or pass on, they said it needed to be read.  In fact, my favorite comment of the night came from Susanne who said, “It is a crime against humanity to not have read this book.”

I guess I will be reading the book.

I did mention this was our gift exchange night… the rule being it must be something the giver has made.  I put together a metal basket of canned goods I had made this fall – salsa, apple butter, stewed tomatoes, pasta sauce, and homemade caramels.

Here are pictures of the gifts that were given  (Yoda would say “talent in group runs deep”)

PicMonkey Collage 1PicMonkey Collage 3PicMonkey Collage 2

Don’t forget…. 1st book of the year is just around the corner!

26 thoughts on “It’s Not Always About The Book

  1. The spirit of Christmas is alive and well in your book club. You do indeed have a great bunch of very talented ladies – those gifts are top notch gorgeous. How great to go feeling really meh and have yourself lifted by these women. What a gift. Now I want to know the name of the book!

  2. Yes, tell us the name of the book, please! LOL

    A cliffhanger post….okay.

    I now have my First Book of the Year…and I’m not telling the name of it….LOL. I’ve been taking sample photos, hoping to find one that really showcases the book.

  3. I love your book club – they are the epitome of book clubs. Sheila, you have such great friends because you are such a great friend. Remember their love during this difficult time of the year.

  4. I am glad you have such wonderful friends. Sometimes it is enough to just hear about a book from others. Thank you for sharing your gathering during this special time of the year.

  5. Just curious.. but why won’t you tell us the title of the book which you were supposed to read for this book club??? Several posts have asked….

  6. This just warms my heart and makes me a little jealous at the same time. We live in a town where I have searched a thirty mile radius for a book club and have come up empty handed. We are from another area, so we have not yet made many contacts to be able to find a club by word of mouth.
    I am so glad that you although you felt unprepared and then came away feeling like you wouldn’t have missed it. Lovely post.

  7. SDCB Steph.. Is there a public library in your area? A library will often have a Book Club which meets monthly..If you are on any social media you could put out a call for anyone who wants to join a book club in your area and start a new one.

  8. What a sweet and nurturing group of gals. I am in two nurturing groups, one is a Bible Study group and one a group of Christian writers. We share most anything and support each other.

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