Morning Meanderings… 8 Months.


I went on a little break after Thanksgiving.

I packed up my bag, my books, my laptop, and my dog, and drove to the cabin this past Sunday afternoon through Thursday afternoon.  It was a trip to get away after the hard holiday and regroup for what is next.

The first evening and through Monday my friend Belinda joined me and we talked and read and hung out wayyyyyyy to long waiting for the cable guy to show up and connect the internet but that is another story and we made the best of it.  🙂  Monday evening (once freed from the Cable Guy) we drove into Beaver Bay Minnesota and had dinner and then drove to Two Harbors Minnesota to go to Shopco (the only retail store they have).  On our way back from Shopco we seen these two floaty guys and could not resist…

two harbors, book journey
Belinda dancing with a snowman


Me with Santa


The next morning we were hit with a lot of snow so Belinda drove back into Two Harbors and had lunch at a nice place called the Vanilla Bean before she headed back to the cities to beat the weather.


Then after she left, I drove back to the cabin to spend a few days alone.  I just needed a break to refresh and I knew if I was at home I would have been running around doing what I always do, worrying about what was for dinner…

and I just didn’t want to.

The snow, which I never like – was actually somewhat symbolic.  It seemed, once it blanketed the ground… that it muffled everything… like it almost became more


And that spoke to me.

book journey, north shore

book journey, north shore


I spent the next two days reading and napping, hiking with my dog, watching movies…. just being. It was good.  I plan to do something similar after Christmas.

8 months have passed as of yesterday.  I spend a lot of time thinking about that day, and the days before when I had been with Justin.  With the heartbreak, there is a mix of thankfulness for the time we had together.  I know in many ways I was lucky.  My son and I were so close.  I will miss and cherish that forever.

I am searching for my new normal every day.  I am not sure as of yet what that will look like but I have some ideas of who I hope I am.


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17 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… 8 Months.

  1. Sheila, you are so right that you were very lucky to have such a close and loving relationship with your belovef son, Justin. Our thoughts are with you as your journey to find a new road, a new path in your life. Your writing is raw, powerful, and deeply inspiring. I hope you find peace in your words.

  2. I like that you saw something beautiful about the snow…that it spoke to you. I know snowy days are not your favorites, but the discovery of its beauty can only add to your New Normal. Enjoy the peace.

  3. I’m so glad you were able to find some solace and fun in your heartbreak and grief, this will be a particularly difficult time of year I’m sure.

  4. I don’t see snow hardly at all in the part of California I live in, but when I do, I am always amazed at how quiet everything becomes. There is a sense of peace to it if you can sit down long enough to recognize it. It sounds like this break allowed you to do just that. Where will you go after Christmas? The cabin again or some other location? I wish I had a cabin!

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