Morning Meanderings…. ESCAPE. Renew. Do It Again.



Another day.

I am looking out my window this morning.  If you don’t look at the ground (which I can not see from my spot at the kitchen table) it looks like fall.  Blue skies.  Crispy leaves still hanging on the trees.  I can not see the frost on the grass from this spot and I like that.  Let’s keep believing winter is not coming.  SO far…. that has worked.

One thing for certain – no matter what is going on in someone’s life – whatever heartbreaks they are enduring or mountains they are struggling with …. the sun does rise every single day.

Today I am leaving for our cabin.  I am taking a mini break to clear my head from the past 7 months and prepare for the next big upcoming holiday that sits ever present at the corners of my mind.  I have not spent any time really alone through all of this and I feel that I need to do a little of that.  Later today my friend Belinda will join me until Tuesday and possibly Farrah.  I hope if it is not too cold to do a little hiking, a camp fire, hang out, watch movies…  another friend may join in at some time as well.  When they leave I will spend time reading, writing, and BREATHING.  I am not sure how many days I will do that but plan to stay until Thursday or Friday.  Maybe Saturday….


Recently when looking for audio to download I thought I wanted something non fiction.  I do love a good non fiction listen.  Yet when I went on Audible nothing was catching my attention in that genre.  Instead… I went a different route and chose these two:


Both of these books on audio were excellent!  In If You Only Knew,  letting go of her ex-husband turned out to be harder than Jenny thought it would be – especially when the ex’s new wife is sweet and adorable and wants to be Jenny’s best friend.  When Jenny moves into a new apartment to open her own business she finds she has her hands full with her sisters marriage problems, her mother’s constant undermining, and oh yeah… the good looking guy downstairs.

With After I Do, after a fairy tale like romance Lauren is stunned when Ryan says he needs time apart from her.  She is further shocked when he says he wants a year apart and no contact to see where they are at.  Burying herself in her work and family activities to keep her mind off Ryan, Lauren learns things about herself she did not know were there.

I plan on chatting about them over the next couple of days – but seriously, if you are looking for fun audio – these were great.  now…. I want more like this.  Great audio listening is a good way to keep my mind busy while doing other things.

That’s my Sunday.  I am out – ROAD TRIP means audio. Got to like that. 😉

10 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. ESCAPE. Renew. Do It Again.

  1. Enjoy the solitude, with the occasional visit from friends. Sounds perfect!

    I loved After I Do, and had previously read Maybe in Another Life from the author…and enjoyed it too. So this week, I downloaded Forever, Interrupted from Reid.

    Your cabin sounds like the perfect place to read, write, and reflect.

  2. Sheila, though your decision to leave your job was for a different purpose, ultimately what it did was allow you more flexibility. The kind that is allowing you to have a week like this. Here’s to having to time to breathe oxox

  3. Glad to see you’ve found some time for yourself. Both of these books look great. I hope you can relax and enjoy them. Looking forward to your reviews. Hugs, my friend.

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