Morning Meanderings… Can You Believe It Has Been 5 Months?


Sunday.  It has been A WEEK.  Emphasis on that.  I have had great meet ups with friends, a bit of work at the library…  and quite a bit of time to be at home and just work on breathing.

Friday marked 5 months without Justin.  It is crazy how those anniversaries bring up so much pain and emotion.  I knew going in that it would be a hard day and tried to plan for some little “to do’s to keep myself somewhat busy.  The night before, these videos were sent to me from Honduras.



This was funds that were sent to Honduras in honor of Justin from friends and family and his co-workers.  This is what those funds have done.  This hitting right at the 5 month mark as you can imagine, brought tears of happiness, as well as deep pain as once again I try to contemplate this enormous loss to our family.  Breathing in and out?  Seriously… some days it is hard to do.


In bookish news, books did come in the house this week which I love.  A house is not a home without books.

The beautiful flowers in this pic are from a good friend.
The beautiful flowers in this pic are from a good friend.



The Invincible s by Cecilia Galante (looking forward to it!)

Daughter of Sand and Stone by Libbie Hawker

The Game Master by Ian Copsey (looks fun)

The Hummingbird by Stephen Kiernan (This one is going to be something.  I have a feeling.)

It’s Tough To Lose Your Balloon by Jarrett Kronsoczka

Amazing Peace by Maya Angelou (I am excited about this book that came with a cd of it read by the author!)

Jackrabbit McCabe and The Electric Telegraph by Lucy Margaret Rozier (Fun! and knowledge!)

Mirandy and Brother Wind by Patricia C McKissack (beautiful!)

The All I’ll Ever Want Christmas Doll by Patricia McKissack


Lots of good children s reads this week!

So my day is consisting of coffee… and cleaning up the book room, and organizing, and laundry, and mowing, and starting the canning process of all the apples in the yard AND hopefully a little reading.  Two things coming up I will be talking about soon – Banned Book Week is the end of this month and yes I am hosting again and will have the post up this week to start your planning and sign ups  AND next Sunday I am bringing back It’s Monday What Are You Reading.

Slowly… working my way back.

Have a happy Sunday all.




43 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Can You Believe It Has Been 5 Months?

  1. Lots of good books in that stack! It’s amazing the impact Justin made on people.It’s wonderful what the money raised in his honor is doing. Hugs

  2. A fantastic mail day. Getting books in the mail always makes me happy no matter how many books I have on the shelf. I can’t imagine your grief but it’s truly amazing the amount of love and spirit of giving that Justin inspired. What an amazing young man who is still having such an impact on the world. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  3. Enjoy that stack of books and slowly resuming your blogging events. You always have enjoyed Banned Book Week. And coming back to the It’s Monday event should help you feel more like yourself. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What wonderful tributes allover the world. Did you imagine your son touched and is still touching so many lives. Thank you for sharing. Prayers of strength always!

    1. My husband and I did not see this outpouring of love coming – and the extent of it all is so wonderful – I know throughout all of this we are blessed and we are loved… and that does help in its own way. 🙂

  5. What a beautiful tribute to Justin and the good he has done. One day at a time, cry when you want to, laugh when you can. warm hugs xx

  6. How lovely to see the videos from Honduras and what a great memorial.

    I don’t have kids so have no idea what you’re going through but remember the year of ‘firsts’ after my dad died (first Father’s Day, first Christmas, first birthday – without him) and all were very difficult. They’re still difficult but less raw, if that makes sense.

    1. It does make sense. There are dates I am pretty concerned about that are approaching – obviously the holidays I know will be hard… but Justin and I also had an annual trip that comes up in early November and November 2nd we had a tradition as well. I need to figure out something for that day.

  7. Sheila, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this Sunday. I hope your new books are wonderful and that you have time to enjoy them in the week ahead. 😊
    I have been away from blogging up until now for the past week and a half.

  8. I hope your new stack of books will bring some relief from the painful thoughts. Thank you for sharing your personal videos– what a much loved, respected, and missed individual your son Justin was to so many people all over.

  9. What wonderful friends, its so heart warming to think that people rally around at times like this.

    Loving the selection of books you share. I agree, a house is only a home when it has books in it.

  10. What a wonderful thing Justin’s friends did in his name & memory – he must have been an incredible person to have such kind and thoughtful friends. I can’t imagine your pain, Sheila. One day at a time, right? Sometimes, one moment at a time.

    Looks like a great bunch of books to look forward to!


  11. I’m very sorry it’s been 5 months. It’s hard to believe or imagine. It’s agony but I hope you feel support still. I want to read The Hummingbird novel. Kiernan is good. Did you score a review copy?

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