Morning Meanderings: Sunday Stuff

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Good morning!  Sunday and I have a wee bit of anxiety here.  I am meeting in less than an hour, one of the girls from Honduras (Eva) who has been here all summer staying with friends.  We are meeting up for lunch today and normally that would not be a big deal – however she was in Honduras with Justin in March, just two weeks before the accident so it will be bitter sweet seeing her.  She leaves in just a few days and I know I would regret not seeing her but at the same time I feel like I am setting myself up for hard moments.

So basically…

nothing new here.

Books that came in the mail this week… always a fun thing to talk about:


Ahh books… where would I be without you?

Circling the Sun by Paul Mclain – Audio  (I love female aviator stories!)

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella – audio (looks fun!)

Wind/Pinball by Haruki Murakami – audio (I have always wanted to read this author)

Field Trip by Gary Paulsen – audio (looks like a fun middle grade!)

Avelynn by Marissa Cambell (interesting!)

Twist my Charm – The Popularity Spell by Toni Gallagher (Oh this one sounds cute!)

The Girl In The Spiders Web by David Lagerkrantz (hmmm… the series continues)

The Debt of Tamar by Nicole Dweck (looks good!)


Thats the haul… later today I am prepping notes for tomorrow’s Wine and Words recap meeting.  We are doing a breakfast thank you so I will be making egg bake and prepping fruit, yogurt, etc… should be a good meeting.


24 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings: Sunday Stuff

  1. I keep seeing notices about Paula McClain’s new book. And she was recently on book tour in Northern California (I didn’t see her). But I never read The Paris Wife. Did you read it? Was it good?

  2. I loved Paula McLain’s The Paris Wife, and even have a memoir she wrote, patiently waiting on Pippa. I wanted it because she writes about growing up in foster care in the city where I worked and now live!

    Enjoy your books…and thanks for sharing.

  3. Be gentle with yourself Sheila. Just be in the moment where ever the moment takes you. Sending you a virtual hug for support. You got this.

  4. Circling the Sun was marvelous! Love Beryl Markham anyway, having discovered her about the same time as “Out of Africa”.

  5. The Paris Wife was brilliant, who wouldn’t enjoy reading about Ernest Hemingway and his first wife when they lived in Paris? I definitely want to read her next book which you show here.

  6. I’m delighted to see that Gary Paulsen is still writing books for young people. My children loved Hatchet when they were young. I’m sure his new one is just as good.

  7. Lunch will be emotional but I bet you’ll be glad you went. I read The Debt of Tamar last year … it was unusual. the cover drew me in. Keen to hear about Circling the Sun. Happy reading Sheila.

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