Morning Meanderings… The Opportunity With Reading The Hot New Titles As Soon As They Hit Your Door Step


It is a COFFEE Morning.

Recently I had mentioned I had several reviews to write and I was so excited to have the time to actually write them now that the big events I was working on are now behind me.  And write them… I did.

The one thing I forget about (constantly) is release dates.  So I wrote this gushing review on The Seventh Most Important Thing and gush gush gush -even a spoiler page and…..

it doesn’t release until September 8th.

So… ok.  I draft it to go live on that day and no biggy, but I did not have time to write another review for that day so I decide I will definitely post a review the next day when I write another.

And I do.  I write my review of Hand To Mouth by Linda Tirado and this one is not a gusher… in fact it is rather a heated review but they can be fun as well… and…..

it releases on September 1st.



I listened to it on audio and that releases on October 2nd.

Double bugger.

With fries.


I know that I could post these reviews, but if they are not released yet I like to post either on release day or close to it so if someone does want to read the book… they can!

Ahhhh… well.

Today is a day of mowing the front lawn, prepping notes for a meeting on Monday, uploading pictures from Wine and Words to website, and hopefully a little reading of Gone With The Wind.  It is Friday and I have been home without major commitments for over a week now and it is sooooo nice.

Maybe I will write a review.  (After I check release dates)  😀


14 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… The Opportunity With Reading The Hot New Titles As Soon As They Hit Your Door Step

  1. I try to stay within a week or two of release dates. I’ve noticed some books ship early, and there are always pre-orders. So a little early is ok. But I goofed and posted a review two months early – because, duh, I forgot about release dates – and I loved, loved the book. And now everyone probably forgot about it. (A little love for the book – It was Fishbowl by Bradley Somer.)

  2. i’ve started using google calendar to remind me about release dates for books that I have to review – otherwise my mind that kind of resembles swiss cheese on a good day forgets

  3. Yes, I have been itching to read and review a couple of books I got from NetGalley that won’t be released until October…but if I review them a couple of weeks early, that seems to work out okay.


  4. Yay for slowing down 🙂 And, Sheila, if I’m remembering correctly (I won’t swear by anything like this), when a book is released, the pre-orders figure a lot into the success of the book, along with immediate purchases, so reviewing a book before its release date is better for the book’s success 🙂

  5. So funny, at least you will be organised as release dates come up, one publisher here won’t even send the book until almost release date to prevent reviews publishing.

  6. Lately I’m posting a few weeks after the pub date for many of the books I read. Not on purpose but more because I’m a little behind. My reading time has gone down a bit the last month or so. Oh well, we do our best, right? 🙂

  7. Yeah I never really understood if there’s a rule that you can’t review books until their release dates. Is there a rule with the publisher? or no? By the time I usually review a book, it’s after the date.

  8. Hey Sheila, I’ve been reading your blog every now and then, and was shocked to learn that your son passed away. I have absolutely not the slightest idea what you are going through, but I wish you a lot of strength, and I find it an incredibly powerful message how you keep going one day at a time. I have a lot of respect for you. HUGS Brooke

  9. Oh I hate that – reading something that isn’t out for ages. That was a huge problem for me when I was only reviewing stuff in NetGalley. I’d have to schedule stuff in months in advance, but now I get a lot of hardcopies as well and occasionally it’s something which is just out or about to be released so I’m in this huge tizz to get it read and reviewed. It does occur to me that I’m not paid for this and really needn’t stress myself so much, but well….


  10. Haha – this happens to me sometimes too – most often when I just can’t keep myself from reading X book I’ve been so excited about and now have in my hot little hands even though it doesn’t release or another month or so! I’m now trying to read about 2 weeks in advance and mix in some backlist to fill things out, but it’s so hard to resist those shiny new books!! Regardless, I’m glad you’ve gotten some time to write reviews!

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