Morning Meanderings… Landing Somewhere Between Burnt Toast and A Smile


I don’t own a toaster.

It’s true.  Counter space to me in valuable and I used a toaster so infrequently that when the last one puttered out I did not replace it.  Instead, now when I crave toast I set the oven on low and put bread inside to toast a bit before I doctor it up with whatever…. butter, or peanut butter, or jelly…..

today was such a morning.

I prepped the oven and popped in the bread and went back to answering emails, working on laundry… and then as you can probably guess  (the set up of my plot here is given away by the title of my post….) I burned it.  Yup.

Currently I am toastless.

Ever the optimist, I will have to try again…

In other thoughts this morning, thank you to those of you who send me the occasional card of kindness.  Seriously.  You know who you are and I have to tell you when I open my mailbox and find a kind note or card from one of these awesome book connections I have here, I really do smile through my tears.  I appreciate you all so much.  Thank you for lifting me up.  Each day is a little battle that I expect I am going to struggle with for a long long time… your kindness by taking the time to tell me you are here… you are caring.  Seriously.  No words.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

My car had a flat tire yesterday.  SO today I will probably ride my bike to the library while waiting for the tire to be fixed.  That is life..  I go on day to day, as I suspect many of you do as well… finding the middle road, trying to stay positive…

somewhere between burnt toast and a smile.

9 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Landing Somewhere Between Burnt Toast and A Smile

  1. I totally agree with estyree! A beautiful line and another beautiful, poignant post, Sheila. Every time I think of you, my heart reaches out, hoping you’re finding good ways to get through your days 🙂

  2. If you ever write a book about grief, you’ve just found the perfect title! So much better than First Year, Worst Year (which was, actually, a very good book on the subject).

  3. I’m glad to know bloggers’ comments might lift you even slightly. It seems everyone needs to try and stay positive during daily toastless & flat tire days. Today is our 6th day of smoke here, we are socked in with bad air from wildfires in faraway places. It’s just perpetually gray; is this what people in Beijing breathe on a normal basis???

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