Morning Meanderings… I Am Back For The Journey


Still here.

Once again I am surprised how easily I slip away these past months.  I just drift out of my normal routine which is often replaced by not much… sorrow, thinking, trying to adjust…

but lately as those of you who know me and know my activities it has been about 7 weeks of preparing for my sons benefit,spending time with a dying friend, a color run event for my son, another hard funeral, a bike ride fund-raiser, followed by the planning of Wine and Words year 3 and then last Thursday we had Wine and Words, our biggest year yet.

I followed all of this up with a day of catching up on things neglected – laundry, household basics, and mowing the lawn… and then on Saturday morning…

I drove 3 hours to our cabin with a few friends and stayed until Tuesday evening.

PicMonkey Collage

Usually after Wine and Words Justin and I would go to the cabin and chill for the weekend eating junk food, playing board games, and watching movies… LAZY stuff.  I knew this would be a hard weekend as Justin and I had talked about this weekend in March about how we were excited to just hang out again.  Instead…  in this newness, I went with friends and we did watch moves and eat junk food, but we also went shopping, exploring, biking….  it was more active and it was nice.

The last couple of days since returning home I have been pretty tired.  Emotionally and physically from the past 6 weeks of pretty much none stop activity while dealing with my great grief.  Yesterday I took a long nap.  This morning  I woke up at 5 am stayed up until 6:30 am… went back to bed and got up again at 9 am.  I am starting to feel a bit of energy returning and have no plans over the weekend which I am thankful for… I  can set the pace.

As for this world of Book Journey – I am hopeful that I am back.  My reading has been slow, but I do have reviews to write.  I miss hanging out here with all of you and I am looking forward to getting back into the routine of visiting all of you and seeing what you are reading as well.

Still here.  Still hanging on.


39 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… I Am Back For The Journey

  1. Welcome back! The routines can truly help you, as you navigate your new reality. Visiting blogs and writing reviews are the kind of routine that bring you into the wonderful world of the blog community.

  2. I’ve been following along on FB and know you’ve been busy. I’m glad to know you’re still hanging on. Don’t feel pressure to be here – be here when it works for you!

  3. I’m so glad you got away to the cabin with friends. What a relief to go at your own pace this weekend. I hope you can continue in that mode for as long as you need – especially where blogging is concerned.

  4. It sounds like you have been busy, such a lot going on for you. Good to hear a little energy is returning. Slow reading – nothing wrong with it.

    1. Thanks Vicki… I am trying to find a center there between active and taking it easy. It is in my nature to fill up my time but I know I need to take it easy now… I need a break from the go go go… I know it affected my grief process and that is something I can not get back – as weird as that is to say it is true.

  5. Sheila. Hi hun! I wanted you to know I posted this to my church facebook page, to update our members about how you are doing. And I got good news: Kidney doc has dismissed me saing my creatin levels are better than his are.

    Am looking forward to hearing how you like (d) ShelterBelts

  6. I hope keeping with the blog community will give you some relief and support. Take some more downtime. The cabin seems like a neat place. I’m sure he’d want you to continue on. Hang in there.

  7. I missed you! But I’m glad you got to get away to the cabin with your friends (and I so wish we had cabins to get away to where I live!). Sending another virtual prayer for you. x

  8. So glad your events went well, but am even more glad that you took the weekend to get away and spend time with loved ones. You’ll be adjusting for a long, long time. Remember to be kind to yourself. Life after doesn’t have to look exactly like life before. And that is perfectly OK. Take care and big hugs! You have been missed.

    1. Oh I know life will never look the same and I don’t even want it too. It’s not the same. I know that. In some ways I resemble who I was but in other ways I am totally different… my heart is broken – that does take a toll. Thanks Kay, I missed everyone too. 🙂

  9. Welcome back, but know that if you need a break from time to time, to recharge, we will be here when you return. You had a busy summer. Take a deep breath and get some rest. The hardest months are yet to come. Hugs, my friend. .

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